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That night.. (finale)

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It shakes your roots when something you always believed, becomes questionable. You don't understand what is right and what isn't. You start doubting everything around. You then have two options -  try and find the answers so that you can re-establish your belief / make amends to what you believed. Or forget everything and move on. 

After a bad day in office and a horrific incident riding back home, all I needed was a good night or let's say early morning sleep. It was 10 AM when I opened my eyes after a brief nap. Although too tired to even get out of the bed, I had to be in office soon so I dragged myself, still half asleep, shaken from that moment-of-madness, I got ready for work. I didn't speak a word about what happened last night to my wife even though she sensed something was bugging me real bad. Thinking it may just be the workload, she didn't question further and I was out on bikes within an hour. 
I could have…