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That Night.. (Part 2)

Contd from Part_1

I don't believe in Ghost. Maybe I did, when I was a kid. Even the lamest horror shows (Zee-horror-show) used to give me nightmares. Over the period of time, I became skeptical about the whole after-death theories. Perhaps, the credit has to go to numerous horror shows, horror movies that I saw. Somehow I developed a taste to this genre of media and ultimately I became fearless to the whole idea of creepy ghosts, devils, dark stories etc. But everything was about to change. 
...Sometimes life gives you situations where you don't really understand what is real and what isn't. On top of that, it's very likely that you don't get enough time to even think through what is going on. Same was the case with me that night. The skeptical part of the brain was bamboozled, totally in for a shock and it stopped working when I saw that 'figure'. You don't expect anyone standing in the middle of the road, at night, that too in such a part of the Banga…

That night... (part 1)

"Thursday... another day and then as they say TGIF... followed by the best part - the weekends", I thought to myself, as I entered the office premises. But little I knew that it was going to be a long working day and a horrific experience of my life. 
As soon as I opened my mailbox there were loads of issues reported and we had to deliver them all before Friday EOD. Thus began one of the longest working days I could ever think of. The day progressed testing several builds, retesting defects that went back and forth, lengthy calls with managers & clients and with many.. many cups of coffee. It felt as if the day wasn't going to end and I was stuck to my laptop all the time. The only time I got up was to refill my water bottle and to empty the fluid-one within. Even the lunch, snacks, dinner were ordered to our desks!! And finally, it was 2.30AM - friday early morning actually, when we decided to take a break. We had worked for 17 hrs straight and it wasn't over y…