Random Thoughts

"You are the laziest bugger in this world.. thought you were dead!",- my blog told me the other day when I opened it after such a long time... No posts since September 2013! Whoa man! Time does fly! 

So why am I writing today and what am I going to write? I have no idea whatsoever! Like my other Random thoughts this is going to be an interesting (read pointless!) post. Let me try to jot down things that have happened over one year - since I last wrote my post (Not that you people are eager to know, or were waiting for my post! I am gonna write it either way just to update my blog!)

* Still working in the same company, completed 4 years in fact! Got into a new project after spending almost 3 years in the same account! Partly the credit (of not writing any posts) should also go to my new project! Oh wait, its not that bad after all, I got promoted to the next level!!... So, am I happy with the new role, work that I am doing? Lets just put it this way - I did get 'relatively fair amount' of hike when I was in desperate need! 

* Moving on, one big thing happened! I don't know how, we managed to buy an apartment of our own... in Bangalore! Of coarse, parents and bank had their share of helping hands. Significant achievement? Yeah, perhaps one that I can count. It did take a while to sync in! Even after we moved in, it took almost a week to realize - the real happiness of living in your OWN place. Costly affair but an awesome feeling!!

* Every person has a creative part in their brains. Unless we use them often, you may forget that you even have one! Whats my creativity you ask? Good question - I am figuring it out myself! Oh wait! Am I going through that phase?? :-O 

* Friends: Ah, made some new, not in regular touch with some good old ones... 'People are busy with their own lives' - yeah, of coarse, but we need to put some effort in reaching them out.. be it phone or in person.. right? Why am I writing it then, should start calling them all one by one!

* New year resolution: None. Whats the point in making one, if I can't keep them! Besides, why should we wait for new year to make a resolution - right? :) So have I made any resolutions since my last post? I told myself several things, several times... but kept on doing otherwise.. I don't fall into that category then. Yeah, so the answer still remains - none. 

That's it for now bud! (my blog). Until next time (not sure when its gonna be).. See ya..  

P.S: Pardon any grammatical errors - like I said, this is a random post so I am not reviewing it... 


sunil padiyar said…
@Kinix - Welcome to "Through the eyes.."
Must say, you are pretty brave to have gone through this post :P

Yeah, will definitely try!

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