Random Photography...

 My favorite of all! Took about 15 - 20 min following this lad and then another 5 min to shoot.. Loved the details on his wings.. Amazing...

Manni palla - a falls in Manipal (not known to many) even though the name Manipal was actually derived from it!

Sun shining over the lake... 

Epic Fail - I was trying to capture the water art caused by the stone...  But then what can I expect from a DigiCam!

@Home, in my mothers garden. I just love the rains... And the terrain just after the rain is absolute beauty!!

Took some time to focus and take this shot.. Very difficult with these digicams!!

If you zoom into this pic, you can see the spider who built the web... unbelievably strong to withstand such a rain and hold onto those water droplets!

We call this rathnagandhi.. don't know the english equivalent.. nevertheless - amazing color!

Patrode leaf hates water ... It doesn't get wet, still in this particular spot the water drops remain intact..

Was trying to capture the branch & the leaf as they dance through those rain drops... 

Say cheese fella!!

A drop of water... holding on the tip of the leaf..

Water drop holding onto the flower just before hitting the ground..

A butterfly @ work

A rose in mom's garden...

My favorite destination of all - Malpe beach.

I got to say - they have improved the beach a lot.. much cleaner.. and thanks to rainy season - it wasn't much crowded..

Sleepy waves???

Collected few sea shells.. nice, natural colors.. loved them all..

Sea, the sun, the water, sand, the shore & the reflection... Got them all..

U never know what the sea waves carry.. 

My bro taking a walk on sea shores.. Love this pic.

The waves..

The question asked by many... which has many different answers and views... What is Life?

I wonder if the waves carried this heavy tree branch or someone kept it..


Rajesh Kumar said…
Excellent pictures Sunil..

Love the details on the Dragon Fly.

Arrangement of sea shells on hand is amazing. Regarding the water drop, try placing a colorful flower and take picture, you will amazing results. Check mine at

Finally, do not post all the pictures in one post, release one a day so that you keep your viewers guessing.

sunil padiyar said…
Thanks a lot Rajesh for the tips :) & Welcome to 'Through the eyes..."

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