Stranger in the bar (Part 1)

Note: Trying my hands on some fiction after a very long time. In fact this is my second post this year! Anyway, just to repeat myself - this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance with anyone is pure coincidence :P 

It was another typical Friday night when I was at Rodger’s, enjoying my beer quietly on my usual table in the corner. I knew the place and the staff as I was one of their regulars. The stern look on my face wasn’t so welcoming to others so people preferred to stay away. Even otherwise I liked to be alone as that was the only time I could dwell with my thoughts with some alcohol.

Winter has taken its toll. Cold night & thick snow made it even more difficult to stroll around. That's the reason why there were less people in the bar than usual. I liked it that way. The best thing about Rodger’s was, it was the only bar which stayed open till mid night. The place was away from those busy city life yet not too far from it when it comes to distance, made this place best choice to those who loved to get away after a hectic week on a Friday night.

That night, an old lady entered the bar. She was a strange looking middle-aged women whose cloths were too old fashioned. Wearing some kind of a hat that usually no one fancies these days, she walked slowly towards the bartender. Usually, I don’t give a damn to anyone who comes to the bar but in this case I was curious. May be because her presence brought some strange feelings as if something bad was about to happen. Suddenly, she looked at me with a grin. That is when I saw her face until then it was covered with some cloak. Wrinkled skin, shining eyes with snow-white eyebrows, long nose and that grin... she had it all to make into the list of weirdo!

Realizing that I was staring at her, the old lady came straight towards me. I felt a bit cautious and tried to look away from her. It didn’t stop her as she took the chair next to mine and sat without even saying a thing.

‘Hello Ronald. I hope you are not too busy eh…’ were the first few words came out of her crooked voice. It took me by surprise as I had no clue how she knew my name.

The old lady continued, ‘So... having fun eh drinking beer on this cold night?’ she paused. ‘…Missing your wife eh?’ I was chocked! I couldn’t drink the beer in my mouth. It felt as if her words turned the beer into some sort of very hot beverage - too hot that you couldn't spit or gulp down!!!

She laughed & coughed very hard, mocking me. And then continued to laugh even louder...

‘who… who the hell are you?... how do you know my name..’ I asked, wiping the bear spilled all over my face and shirt. She did not respond. In split seconds, she stopped laughing abruptly and became very serious.  She got up and just walked away. She left the place the same way as she did while entering...

To be contd...


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