Stranger in the bar (Last part)

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Strange things happened in the last few visits to the Rodgers. The old lady revealing the secret of my life, David mentioning that he never saw any old women & the guilt... was killing me from the inside! ‘Is it really happening or are they just happening inside my head?’.

The darkest moments of my life were flashed in front of my eyes, like a play-back movie!

On that dreadful night, I was coming back from work upset about things that didn’t go very well. In fact it was the worst day in office. As soon as I reached home, my wife Susan locked herself inside the bedroom. Apparently she was still angry about the argument we had the previous night. I was certainly not in a mood for another fight, so I switched on the TV and started watching some sports. After an hour or so, Susan came out shouting at me. In no time, we were fighting like never before. I always kept my cool but that night rage took over my mind. Things got really bad and my temper was on top of my head. In that split second of madness, I pushed her aside to make my way into the kitchen. I pushed her so hard that she lost her balance and collided with the dining table in an awkward position. The glass broke and a piece of which went straight through her heart… Susan was no more.  

It was an accident. But the guilt of committing a crime was worse. Fear of facing the world played tricks with my mind and I buried her body in the courtyard when the whole world went asleep…

… As my past flashed back in the present, tears rolled off my eyes uncontrollably. It felt as if my tears were off blood, slowly draining my heart! I was horribly guilty not only because I killed my wife but also because the secret went unpunished.

‘And now its haunting me every Second… ‘ I sighed as I opened the gate while entering my house.

And there she was... the old lady standing on top of the ground, below which I had buried Susan's body. It appeared as if someone had opened the grave and then covered it up. I felt traumatized as if stuck by a lighting… The old lady stood firm as she spoke with her evil laugh. ‘Oh Ron… this is where you buried me eh… Look, I’ve find a way to come out… ah-ha-ha-ha-ha…’ and she vanished like the wind…

I ran into the courtyard. Without thinking much, started digging the same place. I had to find out if it was happening for real…

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Meanwhile, Ron’s mother Martha, watches her son from inside the house through a window…

 ‘… it really hurts a mother watching her son in this state… e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e t-i-m-e… … I am tired of watching him doing the same thing over and over again… ‘ She told the nurse with a heavy heart and tears in her eyes… As they both looked upon Ron, digging the courtyard yet again, which they only covered it last week.

Will he ever realize that there is no Rodger’s… there is no Old witch… and for Christ sake, for once, that he is never married!!’ said distraught & helpless Martha.


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