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Mighty Dragon Fly

#Dragon Flies

Girl I met...

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to anyone is purely a coincidence. 

Night travel wasn't new for me since I moved to Bangalore. And post marriage I was always accompanied by my wife (or shall I say, she was accompanied by me). However, my last travel was unusual not because I was travelling without her - but the next seat was occupied by a seemingly charming and extravagantly beautiful girl. Well, most guys (read all guys) when they travel alone and their next seat is empty, always (I repeat ‘always’) wish for someone of this personality to grace the void! Now that I was married to a wonderful person (Ah! This statement will surely save my ***) , I decided to behave like a gentleman. (Not that I haven’t before marriage and not that I was having any other intentions).
Two of my buddies, both bachelors, were travelling in the same bus, needless to say sitting next to each other. I turned back to check their expression and then their eyes, face spoke to me in a…

Random Photography...

My favorite of all! Took about 15 - 20 min following this lad and then another 5 min to shoot.. Loved the details on his wings.. Amazing...

I will be there for you... "ALWAYS!”

She knows me like no one else does… who can read my mind just through her eyes!
Although we didn’t share the same womb, our hearts, not less than Siamese-twins I assume!
Coz what she feels deep inside, gets mirrored in my heart & my face outside!
Yes, distance merely part us from seeing each other, but my love towards you - just gets richer!
She is my best friend like no one else, at times, treats me like not less than a mother!
This day is just a reminder for those who forget, I don’t need one, coz in my life - you are preset…
I don’t need to say this again my dear sis, just to let you know you see, I will be there for you... “ALWAYS

P.S: Yet another attempt to write a poem. This time dedicated to all my sisters :) Happy Raksha Bandhan.. With loads of love &

Stranger in the bar (Last part)

contd. from here
Strange things happened in the last few visits to the Rodgers. The old lady revealing the secret of my life, David mentioning that he never saw any old women & the guilt... was killing me from the inside! ‘Is it really happening or are they just happening inside my head?’.
The darkest moments of my life were flashed in front of my eyes, like a play-back movie!

Stranger in the bar (Part 2)

contd. from here
I couldn’t sleep that night. So many questions went unanswered.
Who was that lady? How did she know me & my wife? Was it just a guess Or was it the alcohol? Why didn’t I stop her? What else does she know? Have we met before?... 
Every question was like an unresolved mystery... When you are guilty about something, something that you never wanted to happen, such questions haunt you every minute every second of your life.

Stranger in the bar (Part 1)

Note: Trying my hands on some fiction after a very long time. In fact this is my second post this year! Anyway, just to repeat myself - this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance with anyone is pure coincidence :P 

It was another typical Friday night when I was at Rodger’s, enjoying my beer quietly on my usual table in the corner. I knew the place and the staff as I was one of their regulars. The stern look on my face wasn’t so welcoming to others so people preferred to stay away. Even otherwise I liked to be alone as that was the only time I could dwell with my thoughts with some alcohol.

An old lady outside the temple gate...

On any normal day, I would have ignored them on my way… but not on last Friday. It is not a rare scene especially in Bangalore, you come across beggar’s aging from kids to elderly person on every signals, temple outlets, bus stops or any crowded areas. Some beggars have found it as their profession. Perhaps that is why the generosity or sympathy factor towards these less-fortunate has come down. At times it makes us wonder whether they are genuinely unfortunate or just acting as if they are helpless. A perfect example for this would be the begger who normally comes towards you on the signal of Kundanhalli gate. When Signal turns red, this guy slowly strides towards you shaking/shivering almost every part of his body! When it turns green, he promptly moves away towards the divider – in split seconds he becomes absolutely stable from an highly unstable state! Normally, people think twice before giving a penny to anyone who looks physically fit. In my case, it is the same irrespective of…