...someone who is made for you...

* although it is presented in such a way to look/sound like a poem - I know I have a long way to go. So I would say, it is still an attempt
* And this is a work of fiction.

New place to work, new people around..
but I was confident that I shall manage to stand my ground..
With so many dreams and aspiration,
I was also searching for that special one…

Soon, I found someone in the crowd..
her smile made my heart pound..
my eyes started following her,
everywhere she made a move…

Luckily, she was in my team..
& that made my face beam..
I couldn’t hide my delight,
but had to wait for the moment that will be right…

My days passed waiting for her glimpse..
& her thoughts took over the nights..
every time I heard her beautiful voice,
her words played soothing music in my heart…

Our conversation were always small..
for her, I was still not even a close pal..
Yes I had a crush on her..
and a feeling, to make her mine for rest of the future…

That day I pinged her..
with plans of asking her out for a drink..
But she was busy and replied
saying ‘going on a vacation, see you later..’

For 3 weeks she was not there in office..
My Life was like in crisis!
Then I decided to let her know my feelings,
and everything that I feel about her, when she returns…

That day finally came..
When my world blossomed once again..
She was back in office,
& I couldn’t stop smiling!

Soon my smile diminished..
& my dreams perished..
when I came to know,
she went for her marriage! “Oh no!!!”

I was completely shattered..
as if my heart was getting slaughtered!
And I felt myself,
being betrayed by the life itself!!

Yes, it was really hard
but I am happy for her
Though my feelings were real,
I knew I had to move on…

I always wondered how she would respond,
If she comes to know about my feelings
And that night I got my answer…
when she told me this in my dreams,

“I am grateful to thee,
for having such feeling towards me…
But maybe you are destined to find someone else,
someone who is made for you, someone better than me…”


P.S: Like  they say, "God has made someone... someone made only for you..."
While it does hurt when things happen like your crush loves someone else or is already in a relationship - just remember that your prince charming / princess is waiting for you somewhere else... ;) :)
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Raghav Prabhu said…
Awesome buddy, U shud give some credits for giving u the blue print fr this idea:) Wont you? :)
suma said…
Its so real and touching...it will happen with most of us...but still we have to move on....:-)

Good luck in future attempts
sunil padiyar said…
@Prabhu - Well, credits to you for the topic :)

@Renu-Seti - Thanks :)

@Suma - Yes most of us can relate to this.. BTW, this isn't my story, so.. not planning for any attempts.. moreover I am married and if I do attempt for something like that then I am a dead man! :P
Saru Singhal said…
Awwww...Such a sweet poem. A crush, her marriage and with a big heart you wrote someone better than me...

Thank God it is a work of fiction. Good guys don't deserve a heart break. :)

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