Weird Dreams!

Have you ever had a wild, strange dream? I am not talking about those which you see or visualize with your eyes wide open. Or when you are practically awake. 
I am talking about those which gets premiered inside your brain when you are into deep sleep. They say, even when we are asleep, sub conscious mind keeps working. I don’t want to get into the technicality as to how do we actually get such interesting or sometime scary or even ridiculous dreams that may or may not make any sense! But even then, I am amazed by the sheer power of our mind – which writes its own script, screenplay, uses the real life characters and sometimes even adds its own specimen’s with wonderful / scary background which can be existing or derived from what is present. 
At times, I feel that our subconscious mind is a civil engineer. You see it can capture the places that we have visited, stores the design of buildings or monuments that we have seen in real or TV. And then while we are asleep it creates a landscape that matches exactly the same or even improvises on what we have seen. It can also come up with something unique, which we might not have come across or doesn't even exist! Sometimes I feel that no, it has to be a film director as it creates a wonderful plot, keeps yourself on the edge of your seat, as it unwinds the story so beautifully... Ah! Mesmerizing!!

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Since they are seen during those hours when we hardly remember anything, it becomes very difficult to recall them. It feels like – ‘yes there was this strange dream last night, but I don’t remember anything now’. If I relate our mind to the computer, subconscious mind is like a RAM – they are dynamic and things are not saved there permanently!

Even then we manage to remember some, and I am sharing two of my strange dreams here, 

Back to the age of empires?
(This dream is my favorite, simply because of the landscape and scenes it offered! It started something like this.)
‘… I was standing in front of a huge lake. It had this reflection of a wonderful castle that was standing on the other side of the lake. It was night and the reflection was due to the full moon. This added to the beauty of the castle which had its own lighting system.. The castle – was not familiar but had this beautiful structure with huge artistic pillars. I was awestruck by the magnificent construction that was standing so high in front of my eyes…The cool breeze so soothing that it was humming in my ears... I realized that I am wearing some kind of dress that the kings & emperors used to wear. ‘Am I Prince?’ the question struck me... but there was nobody to answer. I was all alone. All of a sudden, about 10 soldiers holding the spear came running towards me. That started a chase… I was running through the narrow roads, jumping off the buildings and those soldiers were following keeping the pace trying hard to catch me. Some even threw their spear and I somehow managed to save myself! What seemed like a never ending chase briefly stopped when I found myself trapped between two sets of soldiers, who probably would have come from a different route to block my way!!!
(Climax: EPIC!!! )
On the other side of the field I saw an electric fence ( that’s strange!!) beyond which it looked like a forest. If I had to escape, the only choice was to cross that fence into the forest. I saw a tree on my side where I was surrounded by those soldiers. I jumped onto the tree, quite easily climbed up to the top. Then I swung myself holding the branch to and fro, and at the right moment, I jumped over the fence into the other side…

What happened next is still a mystery..! The next one is a class!! :P

Buying a flat in a zombie land!!
(Like the name reads this is the weirdest dream of all! Here it goes)
‘… I was on phone talking to someone outside a building which looked like a familiar temple. I was talking to some broker who was negotiating with me about a possible deal. At first it wasn’t clear as to what I was talking about. Then I went inside the temple and saw so many people… Strangely, It didn’t surprise me as if I knew their presence. Out of all the unfamiliar faces I found my mom and wife standing in a corner. "Mom, the deal is done, we can buy the flat. Advance is 1 lac rupees. But we need to go and check the house…" 
mom replies "Ok son, but how can you go alone! There are so many half dead out there. Don’t you know we aren’t safe outside?"
After some discussion we come to a conclusion. Me and my wife leave the place with utmost care. Within minutes, we are on bike riding so fast on the outer ring road of Bangalore! And strangely there was no traffic at all! On the way we saw some zombies eating some dead bodies!!! Within minutes we reached the destination – it was an apartment, newly constructed and ready to occupy. There was nobody around and we decided to go to their office. Strangely, when we entered the office it looked like a family restaurant and we saw people dining! A waiter then guided us to other side of the room where a receptionist was holding a file who was supposedly waiting for us!!!

What happened next? Like the first one, is still a mystery!!

Likewise, I have seen so many dreams which I am not able to recall now. (If I do remember, shall write another post J )

Have you ever had such weird dreams?:)


KHOJ said…
Lol...dreams are strange....
once i say myself beating up a lion with my chappal....
hehe... Dude, you are seriously seeing lot of weird dreams!!!

You better sit and recall all the best dreams as well... I am sure you will not share those here ;)

nice post! :) Keep them coming.. :)

Just for your info : I had an unbelievably wonderful dream couple of days back... Sadly, i know that whatever i dreamt will never happen!! :(
But then, that moment of happiness is enuf for me.. that feeling of awesomeness is not be described! :) :)
Saru Singhal said…
Yeah, true our mind is something writes a strange script by bits and pieces it accumulates. I have many weird dreams and the constant being an air raid, bombing and people running.
sunil padiyar said…
@KHOJ - Lol :) beating a lion with your chappal.. ha ha :P awesome..

@Devi - Yes I do! And yeah, some dreams cannot be disclosed over a public forum... So I can understand. When we meet next time, lets discuss on that wonderful dream that you had ;)

@Saru-jee - Interesting & at the same time a bit scary!

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