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Weird Dreams!


Married girls are in 'home crisis'?

This may not be true in the case of every married girl. Just that I came across the topic some days back and few questions that I couldn’t answer and so I am writing about the same. This is not a feminist post. This is for all those married men who come across the same situation. And, last but not the least – this is not based on my/my wife’s  situation completely! A gal who is born and brought up by her parents in a house which becomes her home eventually. She is sent to her husband’s house after the marriage to live with him & his family. In the new house, the girl & in-laws thinking doesn't match. Both of them are completely different from each other, when it comes to character, likes & dislikes. Now, if at all the guy gets an opportunity to work somewhere else other than his home town, he moves to that place and starts living with his wife. But the guy is keen to live with his family that comprises of both his parent’s & wife, and he never finds the new place …