Why this conclusion di?

Most often we conclude on certain things that may or may not be right. Chances of such conclusions going wrong is very high especially when they are taken too early or when it was taken without knowing the person or complete matter. Perceptions also go hand in hand and they are highly driven by the views or opinions that we see or hear from others.

In most of our case it is something like this:
You come across a situation/person >> you see/hear/read things about it from others >> you add your perceptions based on what you are told >>You conclude

What is better approach?
You come across a situation/person   >>  you see/hear/read things about it from others >> ANALYZE what you have gathered + THINK about it in different angles >> Then you are in a better position to come into a conclusion and it will be better than the first case.

This is however still better than those who create their own stories! I don’t know how do they actually come up with such so-called-facts, and they tell it in such a way that you will start doubting the very truth! Let me take you through some examples.

Some time ago, wife of some MP (member of parliament) went missing. The news came out when the MP himself filed a missing report. As she was the wife of an honorable MP the matter was taken very seriously and for some days everyone in town were talking about the same thing. That day I was returning home with my neighbor who was also a family friend. He was on a call and talking about the same incident. The person on the other side of the call may have told something that he learned from News and this guy started or shall I say started CONVINCING the other guy,
“No man, how do you know where she is! I know what is behind all this” (me thinking: oh really! Then why don’t you help the police?) “She is not kidnapped or anything. She was frustrated and had enough with her husband and now on a run with her ex-boy friend. She won’t be coming back. All this news are fake and I am sure by now they are married too” (me still thinking: Oh yeah? you must have attended the wedding then. What was there in post-marriage feast?) “You see, all this media are trying to cover the truth and that MP’s prestige.”
After few days – she was found murdered in a car and I need not tell again whatever the story my neighbor made was hoax.

                Few days back we were discussing something during lunch time. The topic was about woman having problems after getting divorced. One of my colleague put her point -  “all these south Indian actresses like hema malini, sridevi are too bad. They made their co-actor/director fall into their trap and spoiled the lives of other women whom they were married into.” This got my attention and I replied immediately (now this is what I was talking about… I don’t even know who was their first wife but I put my point)  ‘It is not completely their mistake. What about their husbands. Are they out of their minds??” (I regret my answer)… Was it really their fault? Do we really know what was going in their lives? Let alone them being a celebrity, if we consider a common man, such comments are bound to come no matter what the reason lie behind such a step. Yes, it would have been wrong had they cheated upon each other. If both were not having any feelings and parted away with mutual interest – what is wrong in it. Moreover who are we to decide! The point is without knowing the reality it is wrong to comment on others life, be it anyone for that matter.

                Facebook is the trend now. And we see a lot of such things every now and then. Few days back one of my friend had commented something about the NDA govt. comparing the GDP with that of the present Govt. By his posts it was evident that he was a follower of the present Govt. As a neutral, I just commented saying - 'it doesn't really matter. All politicians are the same (see, I did it again... why do I do that!) What matters is what is happening now and what would happen next. It is always better to be thinking about the present and future than the past. The country needs better system and better politicians' Now look at what he replied, first of all he concluded that I am a supporter of NDA and I hate the present govt.
"When someone comments bad about present govt. People just pore in with abuses and share it with others. And when someone comments bad about NDA you say all politicians are same forget the past and think about future" 
Well, there was no way I was offending any national parties. To be honest I am least bothered about who made how much money. All I wanted is to see is a developed country! 

                They say only women are good in gossiping and rumors. Well, I don't think. It is pretty relative..  may be the frequency in which the two gender does that may vary for obvious reasons. So why this conclusion di? -or- shall I say 'da'?
                If I continue giving the examples, I am sure there is no end to it. The bottom line is we react before we ponder over the whole scenario. Instead we should first think and then react. Its easy to come into a conclusion. But then, what if 'WE' are the subject of the matter that is being discussed? Only then we understand the consequences. I am not a preacher and I really don't intend to do that. This is a food for thought to even myself, coz as I have told earlier - like everyone else, I tend to react... before spending a minute to even think about it...


Lawrence said…
just dropping by, saw your blog in fb group.
Sunil Padiyar said…
Hi Lawerence

Thanks and welcome to "through the eyes... " :)
Shweta said…
Good one bro.....always loved reading your blog...keep it up.
Sunil Padiyar said…
Thanks jyotekka :)

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