Oh no! my MO(ga)B(a)ILE :(

“..How can you be so dumb! Where the hell was your mind!!”

Please don’t get offended! It wasn’t meant for you my dear readers, but for myself. Last week while getting down the cab I lost my mobile. When I realized and came back searching for my phone, it was too late! Samsung Galaxy Y –smartest of all the phones that I’ve used so far, fell off my lap, into the ground and then was taken (or shall I say stolen) away by some desperate soul! :-|
In the short span of time – from the very moment ‘she’ opened ‘her’ eyes – ‘she’ became my nearest & dearest gadget! May be that is the reason why I refer ‘her’ not just my MOBILE but my ‘MO(ga)B(a)ILE’… read it as ‘moga  bail’ – which means dearest wife in Konkani!

Anyway, I hope you don’t go through this pain! But I am listing few things in case you lose you cell phone.

what you need to do, when you lose your mobile phone... especially when you had bought the phone paying a hefty price! 

1.       Keep ‘em ready:

Not all phones have features that can block your phones just by sending a message –or- apps that can help you trace your phones. In any case, this would work only when the SIM is active. But most of the times ‘desperate soul’ who has taken it with the intention of NOT returning it (in Simple words – stolen) will immediately switch off the phone / remove the SIM. So, keep the following ready so that you don’t end up in crisis!
  • Keep the bill of purchase somewhere Safe
  • Note down your IMEI number somewhere safe ( this will be written in the bill. In case if you don’t have the bill – dial *#06# in your phone to get the IMEI number.

2.       Call your service Provider and block your SIM immediately:

In most of the theft cases, person who has taken your cell will throw the SIM immediately. But why take chances? Before it can be misused by someone else – call your service provider immediately and block the SIM. They would just ask your phone number, email Id and DOB. (It should basically match the details in their records).

The operator would then block the outgoing calls and registers the details – No Police complaint required for this.You can get the dummy SIM immediately from any of the service provider Stores.
In any case within 2 days, Service providers will send the replacement SIM to your mailing address by courier (At-least Vodafone did in 2 days in my case)

3.       Lodge a complaint in the nearest Police station:

  • Don’t go to a police station without a Pen & Paper!
  • You will have to give them a written complaint – get it photo copied along with your Bill.
  • Written complaint should contain Your name, address, Phone details ( model, brand) IMEI number and one additional number where they can contact you in case it is traced.
  • EVEN IF IT is your mistake – don’t give the complaint saying you accidentally dropped it and then it was stolen. Always give the complaint as it was STOLEN / pick pocketed. Now, why this should be so? Some mobile phone vendors like UNIVERSAL have this theft insurance policy which they offer you when you buy the phone. If you have opted for it, you will get 60-65% of the price on submitting the bill & complaint acknowledgment copy. In such cases – the complaint should read stolen/pick-pocketed. If you don’t have theft insurance, it doesn’t matter.
  • Don’t forget to get a copy of the complaint letter sealed/signed by the Police officer who keeps the original copy of your letter. If suppose your phone is misused – you will at-least have a written proof.  
  • Police officer would then tell you that they will try to trace the phone using the IMEI. But as per the research, 90% chances are against the odd.

4.       There is another info that I got from net/facebook. Which says you don’t need to give a complaint in a Police station. Sending an email to cop@vsnl.net with some details like - name, address, phone model, last used number, IMEI number, missed date - is equivalent to lodging a theft complaint in person. The same information also says that your phone will be traced within next 24 hours! But after doing some research – I can safely conclude that this is nothing more than a HOAX. Coz, after reading so many articles and replies, I could not find even one person saying that he/she got his/her mobile through this method! Anyways, I have sent an e-mail… :P you see, what is there in sending an email - when its free!

‘ If at all holding you in my hands again is not written in my destiny...
I hope you stay alive and safe in someone Else's hands as worthy as you are!!’ 

Ah! Ok.. I am overreacting now.. anyways see you all next time.. until then 



Saru Singhal said…
You would have posted it few years ago when I lost my 7 days old cell phone. Anyways, thanks for sharing this Sunil!
Sunil Padiyar said…
:) I can understand the pain! just 7 days :-O ..
Your site is very wonderful and share very affective information.
Technology, Free Software and Best Tutorial
Keep it up.Your research is very informative
God Bless You
Sunil Padiyar said…
Hi Syed,

Welcome to 'Through the eyes'... Thank you for you kind words.. :) :)

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