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Oh no! my MO(ga)B(a)ILE :(

“..How can you be so dumb! Where the hell was your mind!!”
Please don’t get offended! It wasn’t meant for you my dear readers, but for myself. Last week while getting down the cab I lost my mobile. When I realized and came back searching for my phone, it was too late! Samsung Galaxy Y –smartest of all the phones that I’ve used so far, fell off my lap, into the ground and then was taken (or shall I say stolen) away by some desperate soul! :-| In the short span of time – from the very moment ‘she’ opened ‘her’ eyes – ‘she’ became my nearest & dearest gadget! May be that is the reason why I refer ‘her’ not just my MOBILE but my ‘MO(ga)B(a)ILE’… read it as ‘moga  bail’ – which means dearest wife in Konkani!
Anyway, I hope you don’t go through this pain! But I am listing few things in case you lose you cell phone.
what you need to do, when you lose your mobile phone... especially when you had bought the phone paying a hefty price! 
1.Keep ‘em ready:
Not all phones have features that…

Why this conclusion di?

Most often we conclude on certain things that may or may not be right. Chances of such conclusions going wrong is very high especially when they are taken too early or when it was taken without knowing the person or complete matter. Perceptions also go hand in hand and they are highly driven by the views or opinions that we see or hear from others.
In most of our case it is something like this: You come across a situation/person >> you see/hear/read things about it from others >> you add your perceptions based on what you are told >>You conclude
What is better approach? You come across a situation/person  >> you see/hear/read things about it from others >>ANALYZE what you have gathered + THINK about it in different angles >> Then you are in a better position to come into a conclusion and it will be better than the first case.
This is however still better than those who create their own stories! I don’t know how do they actually come up with such …