Mr. & Mrs. Padiyar – we are 1 year old now :P

They say - it’s better late than never. So even though we celebrated our one year of ‘official’ togetherness few weeks back (on Apr 25th) I have finally decided to pen down something about the most anticipated topic :P

It is really amazing how time flies by. I still remember the time when I entered that wedding hall in the morning, a bit nervous yet trying my best not to showcase the same on my face. For a guy who is in his early 25 entering the new phase of life is considered to be a bit early. I mean this is the time when you are gradually settling into life. To be honest, I didn’t have a huge bank balance, had joined a new company just a month ago that too in a new city. Yet, I was ready to take the responsibility of a lifetime! But you know what they say – when it is right, it is right J

And today I am glad that I have err... or shall I say WE have successfully completed the first year which can be sometimes trivial. And now I can say - we are quite confident enough of rowing the boat together throughout our lives.

In every couple, the first anniversary stands to be one of the most important and memorable milestones. Because in one year you will be able uncover most of the hidden or masked features of your companion. No matter how much you know your love, how much you claim to know him/her – you may still be in for a surprise ;) Let me give you a brief insight of our 'day', 

Unfortunately, I was totally ill and was very weak. We both had just recovered from bad fever that spoiled all my plans. However, it didn't stop my wife. She did everything to make it a very special day. The day began with her lovely smile followed by a nice hand made gift that really surprised me. It was just the beginning. Another gift which gave our 32" LCD the ability to showcase the movies with a DVD or in a pen-drive. In simple words a DVD player. We couldn't go outside for a nice romantic candle light dinner. Instead, my wife setup a small customized restaurant kinda arrangement in our own bedroom.I had only one thing to say - AWESOME!! It was just awesome. :) It doesn't matter how much you spend for the gifts and other stuffs. What really matters is the effort that you put in to make it special day... what really matters is that you spend the whole day together ;) Everything else are just - add on's. Few things cannot be explained in words... they are better explained in silence... ... ... 
Check out my wifey’s blog for the complete story. 

I would like to share some of my findings or discoveries of being a married man. This might be useful to those who are planning to get married in some time soon.

  • Life after marriage is not a fairy tale. You will have to make adjustments, compromises. As far as you are ready and the adjustments, compromises you make are for your own good – you can turn it into a fairy tale J
  • You will become money-minded. You can’t help it. On everything you spend, your mind develops a report which reads – EXPENSE! Unlike when you are bachelor where you spend like anything and yet don’t think over it again. To give you an example,
    -   When you are a bachelor - you will first check the quality, your liking towards the thing you are looking at and then check the price tag.
    -   When you are married – You will first check the price tag! Then based on your budget you will either check the quality and develop liking or leave it aside. This is normal, as far as you don’t go beyond the extremes!
  • “You save more after marriage” is a myth. At least in the early years of your marriage. So I would recommend all the bachelors to reconsider their saving: expense chart.
  • Learn cooking and some household stuffs like washing utensils, cleaning house & washing your cloths… At-least the basics. It comes handy at times. You need not panic when she is sick or is on a strike :P
  • Your wife is not your mom. So don’t expect her to do all your chores. Remember one thing, if you do help her in the household u have a great chance of getting some reward ;) Don’t think too much, I meant she might make some special dishes… BTW, what were you thinking ah? :P
  • In any arguments, keep your cool. Once it is ended don’t expect the other to make the first move.
  • The relation between your mom & wife is something which you have to keep a tab on. How to handle this situation if it goes wrong - is something you have to learn on your own. Don’t expect them to have a good relationship always considering the fact that they don’t know each other as much as you know them. If it does – you are a lucky man J I know what you are thinking now – well in my case I would say – so far so good.
  • If you are a sports freak – it will be difficult initially to take some time off to watch your favorite game. Try to develop the same craze in her – which is another mission impossible… Otherwise get involved in her hobbies so that you can get her interest in what you like the most.
  • You are bound with responsibilities. In simple words – you will no longer be the ‘khulla saand’ ;) So it is normal to become a bit serious as you will start feeling the heat of life. However, don’t remain serious all the time. You know what they say – paagalpan bhi zaroori hai yaar! So communicate & play pranks with your wife... 
Don’t take this as some Gyan. I am sure every married couple will have different experience. And don’t get scared or feel insecure. I mean life after marriage is not HELL like how some people portray… It all depends on how you want it to be. As I told you before only you can make it a fairy tale. After all which fairy tale doesn’t have complications, road blocks and problems? The love should remain the same no matter how bad the situation is. Everything else will then go smoothly. J

the transition

hmm.. we both look the same like how we were on our wedding day.. just that I've lost some hair :P 


Prasanna Rao said…
Congrats Mr and Mrs. Padiyar. Excellent pointers, I have to say :)
Sunil Padiyar said…
Thank you prasanna ma'am :)
sush said…
very very nicely written Sunil. Congratulations to you both.

Nice post hubby.. :) And yes you were successful in make our marriage a fairy tale...

Liked this line a lot - No matter how much you know your love, how much you claim to know him/her – you may still be in for a surprise.
Latha said…
Well narrated.... Wish you both be happy in every further steps of ur lives :-)

And Congrats :-)
Congratulations on the anniversary and wish you more & more pleasant surprises! :)

And thanks a lot for the tips :) Will have to take a print out of it i suppose ;)

Well written.. :) Keep it coming :)
Raghavendra Prabhu said…
Awesome Man!! very nicely written...Hmm, I am just wondering, is it Chethan bhagath in the making? ;)
Andy David said…
Visiting from the group Bloggers.

Many congratulations on your first Wedding Anniversary! For a marriage to be a success and fruitful to both involved, you must always have respect for the other (even when you are mad), be compassionate, be open to discussion, look him/her in the eyes when (s)he is talking. That way they will know they have your full attention and tell her/him how much you love them...not just every once in a while, but several times a day. Your spouse knows you love him/her, but it makes it that much more special by hearing it.

You will have many experiences throughout your married life, some good and some that you won't want to remember. The main thing is is that whatever you have to face in this life, face it together. Wishing you all the very best and many more years of happiness and love.

My wife and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary in Jan 2012. We gave up buying gifts years ago. Instead, we write each other letters and reread the ones from previous years each anniversary. It's very intimate and has actually brought us even closer. This year (with her permission), I actually shared my letter on my blog. You can read it here...
Lovely post & thanks for sharing.

Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...
Sunil Padiyar said…
Latha: Thank you:)

Bharath: Thank you :)

Devi: Thanks buddy.. yeah.. you can take them as notes.. but as I said every couple is different or shall I say unique in their own ways.. so you may have different experience altogether! :)

Prabhu: Thanks buddy :)

Andy: Awesome! Wasn't expecting such a nice comment :) Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts I really appreciate it :) And must say you have come up with an interesting idea of writing letters! Something that we would definitely give a try!!

And heart-felt congratulation to you both on completing a wonderful milestone of 10 yrs!!! And wishing you both many more such happy milestones... :)

And yeah sure.. going to read your letter right away.
Lawrence said…
lovely couple. congratulations mate and may you have more fruitful years to come
Sunil Padiyar said…
Thank you Lawrence :)
Jidhu Jose said…
Congrats Sunil and best wishes for the future life

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