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Mr. & Mrs. Padiyar – we are 1 year old now :P

They say - it’s better late than never. So even though we celebrated our one year of ‘official’ togetherness few weeks back (on Apr 25th) I have finally decided to pen down something about the most anticipated topic :P
It is really amazing how time flies by. I still remember the time when I entered that wedding hall in the morning, a bit nervous yet trying my best not to showcase the same on my face. For a guy who is in his early 25 entering the new phase of life is considered to be a bit early. I mean this is the time when you are gradually settling into life. To be honest, I didn’t have a huge bank balance, had joined a new company just a month ago that too in a new city. Yet, I was ready to take the responsibility of a lifetime! But you know what they say – when it is right, it is right J
And today I am glad that I have err... or shall I say WE have successfully completed the first year which can be sometimes trivial. And now I can say - we are quite confident enough of rowing the…