From the Garden of my Mom!

The title sounds familiar ah? Matches my previous blog title.. well, nothing has been changed except the first word since my blog was born. Anyway, I am not up for another blah blah.. During my last visit I had taken some pics of flowers that bloom everyday in our garden. I don't know most of the 'english' names.. In case you know, please help me out... 

I like flowers... don't get me wrong, not in that sense (as in girls!). I love decorating our pooja room, god idols and photos with flowers. I love them coz of their color and the pattern. They are so vibrant, soft and colorful. Here we go... 

I know they (as in pohotos) could have been even better. But let me tell you, they are more beautiful than how they look here. 









My personal favorite is #2 & #6, what about you?? let me know :) 



Andy David said…
As a man who exists in the image of love, what better way to make someone smile than to give them flowers. I love flowers for what they represent...innocence, fragrance & beauty. I always have them in my home. You mom is very fortunate to have such beauty growing in her garden. They are all some of my favorite colors too. Wonderful shots! Thanks for sharing.

Day 13/14: Make My Heart Drunk...
chitra said…
hey nice photographs
hybiscus are awesome clicks,,,
but there are no flowers equal to roses
so my fav #7
Shobhit said…

First of all, a very happy but belated Anniversary to Preethika and you ! :-)

The photographs are simply wonderful. I've been snapping some from our garden too. Will put them up on my blog soon. :-)
Sunil Padiyar said…
Thank you all :) Really appreciate your comments :)

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