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Time for another random post. Oh boy! It has been over a month since I posted something here. Things have been changing both in office and at home. Weekends have become more of a relaxation time which now mean - locking myself inside the house, just lying  around, eat junk food, watch TV and prove that I-can-become-more-lazier-than-this!! However, had been to Udupi twice in span of two weeks to attend weddings. So I can say that the travel – ate most of my leisure time.

Highlight of Feb – the valentine’s day – as in 14th Feb wasn’t exactly the way I wanted it to be. Or I can say, the way ‘we’ wanted it to be. I was traveling home that night to attend my friend’s marriage the next day. And since I was returning back the very next day my wife opted out from the traveling. All in all, it was bad not just because we were not spending time together. Anyway, as I’ve always said – it should not be the only day to express love and is not meant only for lovers & couples. Probably it wouldn’t have gone out that well with my better half… probably, even I had forgotten few things… But anyway during the next weekend, I made up things for what was lost on Feb 14th.  So at the end it was all good.

During the beginning of the month, I started two new blogs. One for the QA part of me and the other dedicated to my craze of football. May be it wasn’t a good idea. Because, since that day I haven’t posted even a single post in any of my 3 blogs!

As I mentioned earlier, two of my friends Shomith Kini & Raghavendra Prabhu started their new innings as married-men. Congratulations to both of you and welcome to the club fellas ;). That makes 3 wickets down of our group. I am pretty sure that more wickets will go down the end of this year. ;)

Things at office also kinda changing.  More work, new things to learn. In short – not getting enough time to even visit my Facebook profile!! Even though I find Facebook a bit boring now-a-days. I have completely stopped playing Castle Ville. In fact I don’t even remember when was the last time I updated my status there!! Moreover it has been ages since I read my other fellow bloggers posts :’( SO many things to catch up with!!! Phew…
Anyway, as most of you know it is the time of appraisals and hikes. Hoping to get some good news this time! Fingers crossed!! Wish me luck!! And I hope and wish you all get good hike/promotions this time.

So, I come to an end of yet another blabbering – the so called random post. C ya until the next time…

BTW, here are the links to my newly created blogs. As of now, they have no content J Hoping to fill them soon…


Should i give another random comment? :D

Anyways.. I expect at least one blog on http://beingaliverpoolfcfan.blogspot.com/
dedicated to "The" Liverpool fan which we all knew about! I would have never followed soccer if not for him..
@ Devi: Me too me too me too.. Even I started following now... I am not a fan of Liverpool or football for that matter.. But I hate when Liverpool defeats... Coz I will be at the receiving end of his bad mood disappointment and anger.. :( Sometimes I even wonder why he watches it... A great weekend becomes a bad weekend...
Anonymous said…
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