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The Secret, in her diary... (Last part)

Contd from part1, part2
(Sam read the lines again and again. He tried to recall the times they spent together... From what was written in her diary he started realizing that it was him, with whom Riya was in love with. It was about him she had written in her diary. He was numb & left heartbroken.)
Oh dear god! I can’t believe this… I am really sorry Riya. I could never read your feelings. Now that I know, I will never be able to see you again! I shouldn’t have read the whole thing in the first place….
(He then leaned down, resting his head on the table… He felt as if the tears coming out straight from his heart, which refused to stop…)
… ...
(After some time, Sam raised his head. The first thing he could see on his table was some kind of a reflection from the glass of a photo frame. He felt as if someone is starring at him from behind. It was very late, almost 2’o clock midnight. This made him a bit more conscious. He turned back at once only to find the curtains of the window. He …