Yet another new year!!

Well, well, well… Yet another new year is here! :) Phew! Time never gets tired of running! 

It was a good year as I look back, some defining moments happened in life. I am sure, it will be remembered throughout my life. Like many, I had lots of resolutions at the beginning of 2011, none of them (as usual) were achieved to the fullest ;) :P … So this time, I will not have any particular resolution.  Instead will have some checkpoints which I will be reviewing/assessing on a weekly/monthly basis.

2011 was also a very good year for my blog, even though I couldn’t reach the milestone of 50 posts ;). In short I would say – 2011 was the year of ‘New’ beginning. 2011 marked a milestone in my personal life. I entered 2011 being engaged and got married to my love on 25th April. This would be the highlight of 2011 on a personal note. Career wise, I started with a new company and I am still working with them. I could’ve done better but I think have done fairly enough to get a foot-hold in the new company. (However, I can say more on this - only after the yearly assessment results come out ;) which is scheduled in the mid week of this month ;) )

Like every year, like everyone else, I had ups & downs… With god’s grace we could cross the hurdles with minimal problems. After all, that’s what life all about. While I wish everyone loads of happiness and prosperity, I wish the same to myself with some little amendments ;) I know, it is not going to be smooth throughout. There will be rough patches all the way at times…So,

"I wish to have time, energy & all my loving people around - while I enjoy the happy moments…And, I wish to have enough courage, patience & willingness to face the rough & difficult times…"

While some predicted that 2012 will be the end of world (I am not sure, how many of them still believe…), I believe world it-self has a lot to offer and vice-verse. When I say this, I am not saying that I am working on some rocket-science or some invention which is for the betterment of mankind. I am talking about social responsibilities (not just charity or something, it can be towards pollution/energy conservation etc)… it may not be in a larger sense, but I would like to offer my bit.

I wanted to post this on 31st night or at-least on the new year day. Anyway, better late than never :)
Wishing all my readers a very happy & prosperous new year once again..


Wishing you n preethika a very happy new year... :) have a great year ahead... Enjoy.. :)
Saru Singhal said…
Wife and new job, you had a rocking year. Problems are a part of life or else life is super boring.

Sunil as far as the no of posts are concerned, I think those people are genius who can post often. I can barely come up with posts these days.

Wishing you and your family a very happy new year:)
Prasanna Rao said…
Wishing you and your family happy new year, Sunil. And hope in this year all your wishes and dreams come true :)
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Devi - Thanks buddy, wishing you the same..

@Saru-jee :) It was in-deed a rocking year.. And yeah, problems do add some spice to our life.. Wishing you the very best in this year and coming years...

@Prasanna ma'am - Thank you :) Wish you the same..

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