I love you ya poornima!!

Disclaimer: Now that I have your attention after reading the title, let me clarify myself - "I haven't gone insane and I am not in love with anyone!". Read the full post before jumping into conclusion. 

It has been almost a year since I changed my mobile number. I got this new scheme of corporate plan which had two sim's entitled with each other. The call rates/msg's among the two were free. I thought it was better and will help in reducing the call rates that had gone too high since I was engaged. Those longest hours of late night talks, tons of msg's everyday were draining the currency of even 500+, within a week! However, like in every other case of post-marriage, much to our cell phone's delight - we almost stopped using them too often ;) 

Since the day I started using the new number, I started getting anonymous calls, msg's asking for a girl/women named Poornima. I am sure by now you might have got an idea about the title & this post... 

#1 - I don't know how many times this HDFC bank ppl have called me so far, inquiring about buying their credit cards. The worst part - every other time, it was directed towards ex-holder of my number. 
#2 - 'Can I speak to poornima?'... I complained about such calls to the Vodafone customer care. But it was of no use. I don't know how many times I attended such calls...

#3 - Salary of amount XXXXX credited to your account. (Well, I wished it was for real!) 
When I change my phone number, the first thing that I am going to do is to intimate banks where I am holding my savings/salary accounts. But, for some reason 'she' had no problems in disclosing such information. Every time a transaction happened in her account, I was getting the notification. After calling the bank personal several times myself, I could finally get rid of such unnecessary notifications! 

#4 - Over the time, the frequency of such calls & msg's became less and I was really happy and almost forgotten about this girl Poornima. Then, this funny incident happened :) One fine day while coming back from home, I got this message..

Unknown: Hai 

Me: Hi, who's this? 

U: I am your new friend yaa... 

(hmm... who the hell is this!)
Me: Ok. And what is my new friend's name!? 

U: I will not tell this now yaa... where are you now yaa.. 

(By now, I was starting to get irritated to see those repeated 'yaa's'. And I decided to ignore. But the other person had no problems with my ignorance I suppose. So, the messages kept coming, asking every details like, whether I had my breakfast/lunch/dinner.. And I kept on ignoring. The person even started pleading saying 'why are you not messaging ya..?' 'please message yaa..'.

This continued for two more days with good mornings, noon's & nights with occasional forwards & those slam book kind of messages.. what's your likes & dislikes? etc... I remembered my college day's when we were sending such messages to all our crushes to gather more info about them. ;)

For some reason, it didn't strike me that time, it could be the same case like before. But, I had enough of all this so decided to draw an end to the msg chain... So, I replied back...)

Me: Excuse me, are you sure you aren't mistaken?  I mean, are you sending messages to the right person?

U: S..

(for the first time, the reply came without a 'yaa')

Me: Ok, so what do you want? How did you get my number and who are you exactly? 
(Here it comes.. )
U: I love you yaa.. porniema.. 

(Again, it didn't strike me it was for poornima. I don't know if that person had problem with spellings! May be that puzzled me and I sent a dumb reply! )

Me: Are you kidding me? I am married!!

(to which, I got even dumb answer! :P )

U: I told you na, I am your new friend. That way I love you yaa...

(Excuse me!! What the hell is this person talking about! Then it struck me.. it wasn't for me, but for this god-knows-who poornima! Then I explained him that it could be her, as I was getting such messages earlier. It took some time for the other person to digest. I was laughing all along looking at my cell. Anyway, the broken-heart messaged me back after some time ;) )

U: Oh! I am sorry. Do you have her number? Please give me her number yaa....

image courtesy by fuzzykitteh.deviantart.com
 (I couldn't help the desperate soul in this case. Even if I had known, I wouldn't have given! Anyway.... I replied the same and that was his last message... :P )

Before I deleted the whole thread, I had a nice time laughing, while reading the whole conversation again. But I am sure, it wouldn't be the same for the other person... :P

Moral of the story: Make sure, you are messaging the right person,  At-least when you are sending 'SUCH' messages :P ...


Hehe.. ;) it was a guy I think yaa.. ;)

Nice post yaa.. :)
Saru Singhal said…
LOL...It happened with me but that guy wanted to cash in by talking and talking. Luckily, I had call reject option in my cell and everything was sorted...
Shail said…
That was very funny yaa. Reminds of the time we used to get calls mistaking our number to be that of the local cable channel, aspirants for programs, complaints, criticisms, the works. It was a big headache. I even called the channel and asked them to do something about it. But your experience is humorous! ;))
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Devi - Thanks buddy :)

@Saru jee - ha ha.. I think that's the best and a must option in mobile phones.. :)

@Shail - Welcome to 'Through the eyes..." :) yeah, it was one hilarious experience :)
Anonymous said…

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