Teenage Love(Crush)!!

So, I have finally decided to put this on my blog. I am sure, this post is going to be a long one. :) Every person in this world at some stage in his/her teenage would have had a crush. Some admit, some don’t. Some even go to an extent of letting the other person know. Bottom line is, every person would have had at-least one (or in some cases like mine – more) ‘crush’ on opposite sex. It can be of different levels. Ranging from ‘nothing-but-attraction’ to ‘utter madness’! Yeah, you got it right?

I am not going to use the real names here with due respect to their identity. Although, that will not affect me or them in any way, as I am not in contact with most of them. Anyway – let me keep that part a secret! And, I am also not going to list out the celebrities or film actors here…

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 #1 – I was in 9th Standard. There was a girl in our class who was pretty. It is not that she was the beauty queen or something. But there was something unique, something very special about her. Her smile was the X-factor. A customized story of this can be found here – which is my first post in this blog. (Let me tell you before you read,  most part of that post is fictitious). After 10th, when we joined college she was there in the same class much to my delight. But, in all the years, I had not spoken to her – not more than 2 sentences! In fact, I was pretty shy those days and used to have very little interaction with girls. But this certainly changed when I moved to engineering college.

#2 – Like many of my friends – or – guys of my age, I had this fascination of having a girl friend. (When I think about it now, it makes me laugh. But in those days - who would even bother, or shall I say – not everyone think about future.) The girl from my school, was not there in my college. So that chapter was closed. On the first day of my engineering – with all new faces, I found some of guys already making note of girl’s they want to make ‘friendship’ with. It was strange but I actually saw people ‘advance booking’ their choice on whom they wanted to have crush on – or – they  had already developed some feelings!! In fact, the guy who was sitting next to me was listening to the roll-calls so attentively – just to know ‘her’ name!!
I can happily say - I wasn’t  that desperate :) Anyway, I came across this girl, with whom my mind started developing some strange feelings. Without any hesitation, it ditched my initial crush so easily and started concentrating on this girl. May be, this time it was largely driven by others. When I say others, I mean friends who were miles ahead of me when it comes to flirting, having crushes and who had mastered the techniques of how-to-take-next-step. I started speaking to her and slowly developed some friendship. With so many ‘experts’ around me, I could finally come out of my ‘shy’ side. The girl and her friend easily noticed this change and they realized I had some feelings. Now, this is where the twist comes… When I came to know that she wasn’t denying or had any problem with my feelings – one of my friend who had more experience in these things told that this is a sign of acceptance! My feelings towards the so called crush reached next level… However, it became official and then became the breaking news in whole of boys hostel the next day – (here comes the twist…) the gal has started seeing someone else. And not just that, they were having quiet an affair from some time!!!

#3 – I should have learned from the two experiences above. But what can your heart do after all, when a girl comes to you and makes a proposal? Now, this was shockingly unexpected!! I had recovered (well, this is where you can make out the difference. If it was love – it would have taken days/weeks… not in this case!!). This girl, was pretty though she had a ‘little’ buck tooth – kinda cute. Or maybe my heart developed some sort of soft corner towards her. I didn’t accept it right away nor did I reject the proposal. Now information started pouring from different sources, and it all had the same – the girl was not quite the way she looked. ‘Overly-hyped’ and ‘exaggerated’ stories got created and it was spread in girl’s hostel like fire… even before I gave a reply! It was difficult for me to digest & to reject as well. It was the soft-corner that had developed a ‘crush’ in no time. But then sources were right. She wasn’t the right person…

There were some more ‘attractions’ but none of them are worthy of adding to this list.

When I look back, I seriously feel like laughing at myself. How immature was I! May be it was the age that has some sort of illusion which makes us do such stupid things. Although, I had not done anything that ‘Stupid’!!  I have to thank some of my friends who helped me stop where I should have stopped. The age – when we are in college – is not right to take such decisions. Yet, it is then our mind slip the most. And a person like me who has one of the most unstable minds should be extra careful, coz they are highly vulnerable and can be easily manipulated.

So is this the end of the story?

Nop! It wasn’t in my case. After college, I was more careful in this regard. But my heart slipped again. However this time, I wanted to be very sure of what I want and what I am doing. We both took time. We looked at it in different views and directions. We both tried to know each other beyond what we portray  – and more importantly, we decided to take next step only after I fairly settle in what I was doing as a professional. And now, as you all know – we are happily married!
Well I know it has been just 8 months. But I am sure we both will tolerate each other, for the rest of our lives ;) :P

P.S: No offense to any of my ‘crush’s but, thank you for not causing any serious mental problems then & letting me go out of your life!! :P Coz if any one of you had not – I wouldn’t have got the right person!

P.P.S: There is no other option but to include the above P.S, coz my blog posts are under watchful eyes of my loving wife, mother in-law & father in-law.. ;) ;)
Cheers! :) 


aativas said…
They say: The more personal you write, the more universal it is :-)
Damodar said…
Dude, I had a new crush every year.. In engg. college too, I had 1 new in every semester.. :D

Still searching for the right one :(

Just kidding.. Nice post though, I remembered my college days ;)
Anonymous said…
Crushes and ladki ka lafda, blush blush…
Great post though… :)

Saru Singhal said…
LOL...Even I have a list but that includes Bill Clinton, Shashi tharoor etc etc...

Thankfully, you posted soon:)
Prasanna Rao said…
You are so like me in this regard. I think I had a new crush every day when I was in college, but of course none of them were love. I think people like us are in love with the idea of being in love: P
"Coz if any one of you had not – I wouldn’t have got the right person!"
Just loved this line of urs, so true :)
Nice one Sunil.. well written.. :) :)
Lets refresh again some of the scenes from the above! ;)
Sunil Padiyar said…
@aativas - ha ha.. well said :)

@Damu - Yeah man.. It was one interesting & crazy period of life.. and dude.. m sure, next is your turn ;) just keep your eyes & heart & mind OPEN :)

@mohsin - ha ha .. thanks buddy..

@Saru jee - ha ha.. well that way my list would have gone too big ;) So I decided to exclude celebrities & famous people. Thanks.. :)

@Prasnna mam - I got the idea of writing this post from u ma'am.. :) And yes.. you are absolutely right .. "people like us are in love with the idea of being in love: P " -- Spot on :)
Thank you..

@Devi - Sure buddy :) first you come back to india then we shall have an all-boys get together.. ;) Thanks... :)

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