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The chatter of my dream gal...

Hello my lovely readers!
Let me introduce you to my dream girl today. Alas! You may be wondering what the heck I am talking about! If your mind is too fast (or if you watch too many daily soaps -or- your mind is one of the kinds of Ekta Kapoor) then it may even have started a thread titled “Sunil’s extra marital affairs!?”
Well, then you better stop. There isn’t anything of that sort. (Even if there was I am not that stupid to post it here ;) :P … hey wifey – doesn’t mean I have one or will have in future! You know I was just kidding :P) Anyway, I am talking about this character who reside in our (I can generalize this as it is the same in most of the guys) minds, exist only in our imagination – whose name often changes as we come across different girls (the real ones), and even have multiple faces, again extracted from faces that our in-built scanner (eyes!) capture – during  those tender age of 14 to XX (now both these values vary person by person :P) So, I have decided to give y…

Word'less' Wednesday...

A view from our office terrace. I took this pic with fxCamera application on my phone. I liked the effect it gives... This flower looked as if it is emerging out of all the closely situated corporate buildings!

Teenage Love(Crush)!!


Random Thoughts!

Image courtesy by ayoungwomansexpressions
I know it has been long time since I wrote my last post except for those word’less’ pics. Certain things happen in life and it takes some time to come out. Plus, not getting enough time in office now-a-days to even read one or two posts of my fellow bloggers. So, I am writing today without having any topic in my mind. If you are brave enough to read my blabbering, you can proceed. Else I would suggest you to stop here :) Coz I really don’t know what I am typing today and I don’t think I will even read it again or review. So, <I am actually blank here and wondering what to write!>
Ok, so… as I was telling certain things happen in life. Well, there is nothing new in this. But you see, sometimes it really gives you a shock even though you are not in contact with a live electric wire! Yup. It happened. However, I have decided not to take it further here. Looking at the bright side of life is not always as easy as it sound. I have realized it…

Word'less' Wednesday - Morning Mist

Morning mist - Before

Morning Mist - After

One fine Sunday, for some reason I woke a bit early...
I came out on our gallery to find out this... it was so refreshing... :)