Word'less' Wednesday... darkness & light

candle light

"No matter how strong the darkness may fall

It has to bow down before thee, small yet mighty candle light!! 

Likewise, No matter how difficult the situation may arise in life

It has to bow down before thee, the right attitude & hope!! " 

P.S: Due to so many things, not getting enough time to pen down or even read what my fellow bloggers have written since last few days... Will try to dedicate some time in the coming days...


Sneha Sunny said…
it's cool..and a great lesson...
Saru Singhal said…
Beautiful shot and the words under it are so profound.
WonderWall said…
Outstanding... <3
sowmya said…
wow! perfect picture for perfect thought :)
admirable indeed! :)
klad07 said…
ive been following you for quite a time. nice.
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Sneha - Thank you :)

@Saru - Thank you saru jee.. :)

&subtlescribbler - Thank you :)

@WonderWall - Thanks! Welcome to From the eyes :)

@Sowmya - Thanks sowmya :)

@Klad - I am glad you are.. Thank you very much :)

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