Wordless Wednesday... Clouds & Sun..

Problems in life are like clouds in the sky

It requires some effort & "patience" 

Problems then just fade away, like clouds

and Sun comes out shining & smiling... :) 

Have a great week ahead....


sibi said…
Let the sun shine everyday!
Well said and beautiful shot Sunil.. PS: I am writing a love story series.. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Someone is Special
Sneha Sunny said…
wow.... this is pretty...

You've won an award... follow the link
very nice photo with your opt comparison of problems with clouds
TheBluntBlogger said…
i love the candy floss clouds :)
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Saru - Thank you Saru jee :)

@Sibi - Yup! Let the sun shine every day :)

@Nishana - Welcome to 'From the eyes' :) Thank you.

@Someone Spl - Thank you buddy.. Sure will read them.. Right now I am tied up with lots of things, will surely be more active soon...

@magiceye - Thank you :)

@Sneha - :) :) :D Thank you Sneha :) THANKS A LOT :) :) I am really honoured :)

@ S.V. Saibaba - Welcome to 'From the eyes' Sir :) Thank you

@Chintan - Thank you :) I love them too..

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