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Obsession shifted… from Cricket to Football…

Disclaimer: As the name goes, this post is only about a sport which has more followers than any religion!
In a country, over obsessed by the so called religion – Cricket, there aren’t many supporters of Football. But since the last couple of years, thanks to the media & internet, the obsession is drastically changing or I can say is not just cricket anymore. I grew up watching cricket from Tests to One day’s to even local cricket matches. The fact that my dad was a cricketer and was the captain of a local cricket team – Pioneer, had a major role during my naming ceremony. Yup, I was named after the legend at that time Sunil Gavaskar. I don’t know whether my dad dreamt of me being a cricketer, but anyway, I never even looked like a sportsmen though I was interested in and even tried playing couple of them – Cricket being the most part of it. I am sure, majority of Indian youth have spent considerable amount of their childhood in either watching or playing Cricket.
FIFA World Cup 1…

Wordless Wednesday... Clouds & Sun..

Problems in life are like clouds in the sky
It requires some effort & "patience" 
Problems then just fade away, like clouds
and Sun comes out shining & smiling... :) 

Have a great week ahead....

Word'less' Wednesday... darkness & light

"No matter how strong the darkness may fall
It has to bow down before thee, small yet mighty candle light!! 
Likewise, No matter how difficult the situation may arise in life
It has to bow down before thee, the right attitude & hope!! " 
P.S: Due to so many things, not getting enough time to pen down or even read what my fellow bloggers have written since last few days... Will try to dedicate some time in the coming days...