You and I... (Part 2)

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Like always, he adjusted the mirror to get her glimpse while she sat behind him, firm, placing one hand on his right shoulder. All along the bike ride, guy was only thinking about the last conversation and trying to find way to clear out things between them. The suspense was chocking him. 

He: (hmmm, maybe she is playing games with me. or… err, focus… let me be optimistic. After all, girls don’t give up their secrets… at least in such matters)

She: (oh god, I am so happy today. Thank you Thank you Thank you *blush* *blush*)

He: (God, please help me!!)

Somewhere in the ocean of milk, God - lying on a soft sleep well-couch-like snake, with his wife who was gently pressing his feet with one hand and checking her facebook (god version) wall on her Galaxy tab with the other hand - opens his eyes! And the reply goes like this…

God: Hmmm, sorry buddy. You ask me to help in cracking the IIT or even build the rocket for you, but no… I can’t help you in this case.

Goddess: *pinching his feet* what do you mean! You don’t understand what is there in a women’s mind? 

God: (Aw!) I do understand my dear. I was just thinking, it would be better if he deals with his problem on his own… (phew! well, it was tough for me too to be honest. Good luck buddy… better I go to sleep before she comes up with new questions…) closes his eyes and goes into sleep again.


He: (hmmm, seems like I have to do something on my own…)

Then, they enter Coffee day.

He: (well, it makes no sense, we just had lunch! Anyways, it says ‘a lot can happen over a coffee!’, Let’s see if it can!)

She: (Coffee day? Looks like he has a plan B.)


He: You see, we don’t have a nice place to sit and chat. So I thought we’ll spend some time here. If it’s OKwith you… (actually, I couldn’t find any place better than this to set the mood… Oops, did I say it loud.. Aw, thank god it’s just my thoughts again.. Shh..)

She: (You are getting there boy… But I would have preferred a park… anyway) That’s totally cool. I am full… you order if you want anything. (I would like to hear you say... ... *naughty smile*)

He: (Ah! not that smile again.. *eyes wide open* Oops, focus.. focus *eyes normal*) Ah, I shall order a coffee. So, what I was saying is.. (what the hell was I saying?) … Ah, ya…I am not interested in getting married... I mean, I will but not with that gal.

She: Okkkk…. So, does that mean you like someone? (oh no! I made it easy!!)

He: (Ah haa..) *smile* Well, you can say that way. I mean, I do like someone. But you see, I would like to know what is there in her mind before I take the next step.

She: (You are such a dumbo) Wow!  You never told me… This is so bad ah… Who is that girl? Do I know her? When are you going to introduce her to me? *blush* *blush*

He: (Is she serious or just playing with me!) Ah… well, technically that is not possible. (how can I introduce you.. to you!!)

She: Oh. So, when are you going to ask her?


He: (Shit! This is the moment and I am not prepared! Or wait, if I do tell her now, does it look like I am rushing in?) Ah… I don’t know! (What? What am I saying!) I mean… (Err, I am hopeless!)

She: That’s ok. When the time is right do tell her. If you want any help from me, don’t hesitate. After all, I am your "best friend" right?

He: *sad* (That’s all... best friend..?) *gulps down the coffee* (I think I need another cup...) Ah! Sure, why not… *fake smile* *sad*

She: (Oh poor you… You look so cute.. he he… )

to be continued…


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Prasanna said…
Superb Sunil :) I liked the God and Goddess part specially :D
Good going buddy! :) :) U are making it interesting for sure.. .eager for the next part...
Chintan said…
:D i want coffeee NOW :D

cheeers to the God and the godess with facebook ;)
Anonymous said…
I liked that God haha.. :)
Saru Singhal said…
The God's FB and galaxy tab touch is so good. Ah, even God doesn't help in the matters of heart. nicely written...:)
SUB said…
ah...why did she use the word 'best friend'?...waiting for more
subtlescribbler said…
lol...this got cuter! I can imagine myself in situation like these a lot of times :P
and the God's version of fb was hilarious...
keep going.. :)

The Fool said…
Well written. Your have been building it up real nicely. Watching out for the next part.
AAD said… you've got me wanting more...can you hurry up with the next part...:D
The conversation of the God was nice :)
Girl's act so innocent even when they know what the guy means :P And guys just can't spill out what they what to say :D
Looking forward for more!
You are building up the suspense. Waiting for the next post. BTW when do boys become boys- when do they speak?
:D I just totally like!!! :D I liked the interpretation of what she thinks.. :P And I liked the God and his wife concept :) Good going Hubby :)
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Juhi - my pleasure.

@Prasanna - Thank you ma'am :) Glad you liked it :)

@Devi - Thanks buddy. The next part is posted now. :)

@Chintan - :) I hope you had one... Thanks Chintan

@SUB - Well, she was just kidding. The next part is in place now. :)

@Sarah - Thanks a lot sarah. :) Glad you liked it.

@The fool - Thank you. The next part is in place now.

@AAD - Thank you :) Sorry for making you wait so long.

@Juhi again- Well it happens all the time :) I will try to write more. For now the next part is in place.

@hariharan - Thanks. And m sorry, I didn't get you!

@Preethi - Thanks wifey :)

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