You and I.... (part 1)

*Words in Italics are the thoughts going in the character's mind... 

He: (dude, 2 years now. You still want to wait!) Hi, so ah, what do you want to have? (that’s not I was talking about you dumbo!)

She: Ah, let me see. (God! Seems like he has a plan! I am feeling so uncomfortable. *blush* *blush*… oh stop it gal. Don’t show any sign)

They ordered some food. While they were waiting, there was some unusual silence. Normally, they would speak endlessly. (Ok, the gal speaks more without a break.) But today, there was something else going in their head.

He: (man, this sucks! Why are you not speaking anything. Wait a minute, even she is not speaking. This is the chance buddy, you better have some progress!) So, long time ah. How’s everything going. (Not bad... and please stop starring before she could read your thoughts. You know she is good in that!)

She: (Finally, got a topic!) Ah, nothing much. Everything is going good. Hoping to get a job soon. My uncle in Hyderbad says there are lot of opportunities. So I think will try there.

He: (Damn! She is going to Hyderbad. That means I may need look for a better plan in Airtel!) Oh! So you have decided to go?

She: (he he, look at his face!) Ah, well if I don’t have any other options then I may have to. Right?

He: (hmmm… well, Let’s not worry about it for now. We will deal with it later.) That’s true.

The silence struck again as the food was served.

He: (God! She is looking more and more gorgeous every time we meet. Or is it just my rose tinted glasses! Whatever it is, I should first know what is she upto. I think she knows about it. I mean, why would a gal like her, travel so much and then spend so much time with me. I mean, we can’t be just friends…)

She: (Oh my god that’s it… ) What are you thinking so much? You seem to have lost somewhere. Is everything alright?

He: (What! When did I speak the last time!) Ah! nothing. Well, seems like even you are out of topic today.

She: (Hmm, nice try. But I am not going to talk much today) Yeah. I thought will give you a chance to speak. After all, for the most part of it, I have been doing the talking.

He: (*sigh* don’t give that naughty smile!) Ok… So, your cousin is getting married ah. You are  next then. (Bang on. Don’t lose the track now)

She: (Shit. He is getting there.) Yeah she is. And me, not so soon. I don’t have any plans for at-least a year.

He: (Well, that suits me! Time to check her reaction…) That’s very good… (what am I saying?) I mean, it’s good to start your career first. (Phew!). My mom has been speaking to me about this topic. And I have told her clearly that it won’t happen soon.

She: (Hmmm, seems like he won’t tell directly. Got to watch my words.) Oh is it. So have you seen anyone? I mean got any alliance?

He: Well, yeah. Like I told you the other day, it seems like few asked about my status. (*proud*, but you see, you are a lucky gal). She even brought me a snap of some gal recently!

She: (Hmmm, that sounds like a trick. Load – indifferent/no-worries/happy-for-him expressions... … … Loading completed!) Oh that’s cool. How was she? I think you should give it a try. After all, you are settled now. If you like her, you should definitely give it a try… (mission accomplished)

He: (What! What does that mean! *sad*) Ah. No. I mean, not now. (What does she mean!) I am not interested now. (She looks happy! Not even a clue of disappointment or any other feeling..!)

She: (Ha ha… Got you! So, you do have strong feelings towards me ah!! Good… I won’t let you know my feelings so easily!)

After the lunch, they went out for a ride. The guy is still wondering about the conversation, and the girl is now sure about what the guy has in mind. She purposely acted indifferent just to know what the guy was upto and she got her answer. The poor guy, tried to create some situation to get some clue. But now, the same situation made him even more clueless!!

To be contd…


Anonymous said…
I dont understand why so many people do that game... and sometimes lose their chance in it.. This is how it should not be. If you love someone, tell them, take the risk..
I know it's just a story, but....
Heya Sunil, I liked it very much and will be waiting for the next part.

Check out my series and lemme know what you feel...
Animesh Ganguly said…
A real different kind of built-up, simple yet catchy :)
SUB said…
oh...interesting build up...what's next?
Sneha Sunny said…
I just love this game..... great work sunil....:-) post the next part soon... I just can't wait....
Shobhit said…

Marvellous !

The 'italics' are so bang on target. :P

And the toon is simply hilarious. :D
Anonymous said…
Hmm..good one...keep posting!!
Chintan said…
sunil.....i want to read your posts...and thus i am going to read the fiction too :D

however, it would be good if you build the mood rather than adding blue everywhere...i am sort of getting lost like that...

i hope i do not sound like an ass... :(
Chintan said…
:) hehe...such funny talks, we all do sometime or the other..playing the mind games...way to go sunil... :) i look forward for more...
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Priti - Good to know that :)

@Ege - Thanks for your comments. I Agree. But the insecurity feeling - like what if he/she doesn't agree, or what if he/she gets angry and goes away from their life - often stops us or make us wait for the right moment..

@Venkat - I am glad you liked :) Sure, will be checking yours soon.

@Animesh - Thanks :)

@SUB - Thank you. nxt is coming soon :)

@Sneha - :) well, I know. Most of the times, gals do take time and might play. But I am not blaming them. I know the reason. And yeah, when it goes the right way and reaches the happy ending, it looks worth playing :)

@Shobhit - Thanks :) I enjoyed it while writing them. Glad you had the same feeling while reading.

@Anonymous - Thank you.

@Chintan - No no, Not at all. I respect your thoughts. Will try to make it better that way. :) And yeah, we do play the mind games a lot. If its with good intention, it becomes even more interesting :) Thanks for your comments. :)
subtlescribbler said…
ohhh...a fresh new story! And suddenly am hooked to my seat...bring on the next parts :D

Anonymous said…
Which side is this headed?
waiting eagerly.
Swati Bhalla said…
Waiting eagerly for the next part.. This was awesome! And so true!
Sunil Padiyar said…
@sarah - :) Thank you.. Will try to make the subsequent part equally interesting

@jojo - well, there is no twists and turns here.. You will know anyway :) Thanks

@Swathi - Welcome to From the eyes.. :) Thanks for your comments..
Saru Singhal said…
Nice read Sunil, I love the conversation and specially the ones what they were thinking in the mind!
AAD said…
Very well written sunil, you are quite a talent...gonna go read part two now...
Sunil Padiyar said…
@ Saru - Thank you Saru jee.. :)

@AAD - Aww! I am not sure if I really am worthy enough. Thank you :) :)

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