You and I... (breaking the ice)

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Note: First of all, I would like to thank all my readers for the love you have showed me on the first two parts. This one, which is the last part of this series is a bit long and I hope you will bear it for me :) I hope the last part would stand to your expectations... 

She: hmmm… let me put salt in the wound… m loving it.. *smiles*  “What happened? Why you look so dull!”

He: “Am I?” requesting fake smile.. .. brain replies – file overwritten by sadness! Shit! request again… *smile loaded* Nop! Not at all… Why?“

She: “Don’t know. I mean, I just felt like that, so asked. Anyway, what’s next? “

He:  “Well, it is quite late. Let’s go home. Will drop you to your aunts place.”

She: “Sure.” He he, poor you!

Then they left the place and reach their respective destinations. While the boy thinks whether to message and ask her how was the day, his cell vibrates. And yes, it was her. He opens the message.


The text read  “Well, I had a great time. How was your day?” And then the entire conversation happens over messages.

He: Huh! What should I reply to this! I mean, I had a great time but haven’t made any progress. What am I going to do? Should I ask her over the message? Well, that sounds good. I mean, I won’t be so nervous.

He then types. “I had a great day…” <del del> “I had a fantastic…” <del del> “I had a soooper day too… it was just great!”  

She: *blush* *blush* “I could see that on ur face :) BTW, I felt like u wanted to say something? ”.

He: … …. Ah! this has to be it. God give me the strength. *hands shivering* oh man! She isn’t here in front of me and yet I am so nervous! What! I am sweating too!!errr…. Ah! well, yeah. I wanted to tell you something very important…”

She: *smile*then say it na!  hmmm. “Ok, then what is it <del del>wait a min. let me pretend that I am not curious… “OK” ya that’s enough.

He: just an "OK!" What does that mean? She doesn’t want to know what it is? Why did she ask then! Oh god, please help me... please!!

God is awake now and along with Goddess, they are watching the entire plot “live” on their Narada 3D TV!

God: “Oh please! Why is she doing that? “

Goddess: “How cute na! And very interesting. “

God: cute? interesting! Poor guy… <looking at the guy on TV>.. “Dude, just say it. Why did I give you brains! “

Goddess: *giggles*

God: what was that giggle for!! she thinks guys don't have brains or was it in the tone look-who-is-taking! “What was that for? Anyway, give me the remote. There is a football match now. Devatas(God)  Vs Danavas(Demans). I can’t afford to miss it. “

Goddess: “No way, I have to watch this one. I will not give you the remote now! “

God: “Oh please… ... My darling!!“ huh, it works at times! hope it does now! “Ask brahmaji for the complete story. After all you know the ending… right my dear? “

Goddess: “nah… I want to see it live. I have to watch this means I-have-to-watch… “

God: huh, it didn’t work… be it humans or gods, women are possessive. What to do now! oh brahmaji, why did you write such a long story!!


He: There is no point in waiting. Let me ask her directly… “well, what will be ur answer, if I say I like you…” ah ha, finally!

She: he he… “Is this what you wanted to ask? Ok, well I would say, good. I know I am the best.” *blush* *blush*

By now, the girl's cheeks have gone really pink because of too much blushing!!

He: hmmm…she is not going to make it easy for you buddy. Just come to the point. But... 

Goddess is now biting her nails out of tension! And god is eagerly waiting for this to end so that he can watch that football match!

God: “oh do it do it” I missed the opening 10 min! what would have happened, devatas are 1-0 up!? Who could’ve scored!!  

He: “well, what if I say that I…. <del><del> … “well, what if I say that 4056830968” I said it... yes! I said it *smile* god please make her understand what it means

God: “Ah! the code language. She has bigger brains than you my boy! You dumbo! She will understand! “

She: *blush* *blush*

Now the gal’s cheeks have gone red due to over smiling & blushing. For 5 minutes there was no message from both the end. For the guy it had become the most tough, testing time. Every second for him seemed like days. The girl on the other side was literally performing ‘sheela ki jawani’ dance and then she decided to break the ice.

She: “:) :) I knew what was going in your mind. But before I reply, I would  like to know something from you. Your answer will decide my reply.”, m sure he will answer it well.

He: what? A question! Hmmm *red alert* but anyway, let me just answer frankly. I don’t want to give an answer what she is looking for, in short I won’t bluff her or cheat her to get my reward. “Sure”

She: “Ok then, my question is, where do you see this relation heading to. If it goes the right way, will I be getting my rights to take my own decision, live on my terms, be the queen of my life?” hmmm, that should suffice.

He: hmmm… very interesting question… let me put it this way, I am looking for life time commitment. When you say you want the rights of taking your own decisions, which I believe would then become ‘ours’, if you want equal contribution in it then my answer is ‘yes’. The life you are referring to will also become ‘our’ life and if you are looking for equal amount of freedom like what I will be getting, then my answer is ‘yes’, in short I would say I will not be over possessive, rude or too demanding – which is applicable to you as well and this is what I am expecting from you too. So, if I have framed your questions correctly and if you are also having the same mentality, then it is a yes from my side. If you don't agree to any of these or think otherwise, it would be better to put an end to the coversation here.phew! did I write so much! did I answer it well? will she agree?

By the time the guy typed so much, the gal messaged twice asking if everything is ok. And even the message from him didn’t reach her in one piece. It took three updates before the annoying *some text missing* completely vanished to reveal the full reply. They both waited for some more time before the gal finally replied…

She:  Ah!  Yes! you made my day... you made it worth waiting... :) “40568309680866 :)”


P.S: The code is nothing but what you get while typing the numbers on your cell with dictionary mode on. If you still can't get what they actually mean, you probably try it out on your cell phone. (Preferably Nokia sets, because the guy & gal had nokia phones ;)) The plot and even some of the conversations are based on a real life story :) And I apologies for not reading my fav. blogs since few days. I wasn't keeping well and I'm still recovering. :( Will try to make some time to read your posts soon :) 


Anonymous said…
Painfully dragging out seems to be very normal :) Very nice story, and, the last question and the answer, is absolutely things people should think about before commitment..
subtlescribbler said…
that was sooo cute :) spontaneity in dialogues is what i liked a lot! smilingggg :D

Sri said…
Totally loved it... am searching for a nokia phone/keypad layout on the net now. The suspense about the code language is killing me!
SUB said…
cute story...loved the God and Goddess conversation...Narada 3D TV...LOL

Prasanna Rao said…
Nice ending :) This is what happens usually in most love stories... But most of the times when confessing love, egos come in between. Wish all love stories had same happy ending as in your story... BTW are you the Brahma in your story ;)
Nice one hubby :) 40568309680866.. :) Loved the God and Goddess conversation and the Narada 3D TV Channel..

Football game even here? Give me a break!!! :|

@ Ege: Thank you for the compliment about the last question.. :)

@ Prasanna: No he is the guy. No prizes for guessing who is the gal :)
Dude... Awesome is the word! You are turning out to be a very good blogger man... and the story is too good.. the narration throughout has been excellent.. The imaginative "God" part is the best.. And the entire thoughts which go in the mind is also too good... :P :P

And linked to real life story.. I completely was in that thought itself.. :) I know the true life story as well i suppose ;) ;)

Keep it up and hope to get more stories out from u..
sowmya said…
creative post i must say! very nice to read! :)
The Fool said…
Nice ending. Really well written. I am able to appreciate your effort all the more as I was trying to elaborate the love scenes in one of my old stories to make it a 3000 worder for a contest and failed miserably and gave up. Now I realize how hard it is to write a long love story.
Good story. Enjoyed all the 3 parts.
Vinay Kumar said…
ha ha lol :) Pady...... I know this story man ...... ;)... i heard this from you long back ;)
Very good narration ..... good one.
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Ege - I second you on that... It is better to clear out things before coming to a conclusion.. At the same time it is also important to be truthful.

@sarah - Thanks :) Glad that it put a smile on your face :) Keep smiling

@Sri - :) Well, I hope you cracked the code by now... Thanks for your thoughts.

@SUB - :) He he.. :) Thanks

@Prasnna ma'am - Thank you ma'am. Well, I too hope that people know what and know it thoroughly before coming to a conclusion. The later life is all different. So this becomes very important. And well, I scripted the real story in here so you can call me like that but in reality, it is from my own experience.

@Wifey - Thanks dear

@Devi - Thanks buddy.. Well, the likes of support from you and others have helped me do what I've done in this blog. I still don't agree completely to the point I am turning into a good blogger. Coz when I see the real ones, I know i'm far from it. But, thank you for the complements :) You too, keep writing on your blog.

@Sowmya - Thank you :)

@The fool - Well, may be I lived the story line so I could pen it down. Otherwise I am no good. Thanks for your appreciations :) And hey, start fresh & try again the next time. I am sure you will come out with a nice story. I know this coz I have read your post :)

@Hariharan - Thank yous Sir, I am glad you did :)

@Vinay - Dude! Welcome to from the eyes... Yeah man, most of RS knew this. Thanks!
jake stevens said…
Happened to stumble upon this blog and I could not be more horrified. The comments above mine are worse. The blog in its entirety sounds like a teenage girl who is gushing about her first period.

Absolutely preposterous that this is how you would want to be perceived by the world.

Sunil Padiyar said…
@jake - First of all, welcome to "From the eyes.." and thanks for your valuable comments. And, I respect your opinion... Shall take it to improve my writings...
jake stevens said…
You should probably take a course in written English.

Dunno why I bother telling you AND all the other Indians who answer when I call tech support.

because I love frieda pinto.
Sunil Padiyar said…
Hey Jake!

I will surely consider that. As the matter of fact, I know my English is average. I have even mentioned it clearly(if you have read 'about me'). As english is not our mother tongue, you may be bothered by the language(english) we Indians use.

Again, I appreciate your inputs and would love to see more of it. The people who commented above you, might have ignored the 'language' specific errors and only considered the 'matter' as they know my english pretty well!!
jake stevens said…
Moot point then, isnt it?

I wonder where Frieda learned her English.
Sunil Padiyar said…
:) I think, I should have been more specific! I didn't mean every other Indian!!! I was only referring to part of those who belong to the same category as mine.

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