Word'less' Wednesday.. Window of opportunity

"God has given endless window of opportunities to every one...
Identifying the right one and making the best use of it, is upto you... "


Very well said, Sunil. (BTW when all of them look identical, how to choose the right one?)
Kofykat said…
I love the way you've captures the shot. the angle. :-)
Saru Singhal said…
A beautiful quote with a brilliant shot! You are very good with Camera, Sunil!

magiceye said…
lovely perspective!
wordless sunil.. have to buy one camera soon to explore such sweet moments.. Happy Weekend..

Someone is Special
Sneha Sunny said…
nicely said, sunil.... Liked your way of viewing a window..amazing
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Valady - :) Thank you sir and yup that's the problem... It isn't easy, but not impossible..

@Kofykat - Thank you :) And welcome to 'From the eyes..'

@Saru - Thank you Saru :) :)

@Magiceye - Thanks :)

@Abhilash - Welcom to From the eyes... :) Thank you :)

@Devi - Thanks buddy

@Someone Special - Thank you :) Yup, do it.. there is a wonderful world out there waiting for you to be captured.. :) :)

@Sneha - Thank you Sneha :)
sowmya said…
very true! :) nice shot with lovely thought :)

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