Word'less' Wedneday - Colors of 'Shravana'

Dear readers, this week I am not posting one pic, instead I am giving you a collection of pictures taken during the auspicious month of 'Shravana'. The blend of Rain and some of the unique celebrations make this month one of my favorites. Even though women have lots to perform and comparatively we men don't have much to do (pooja perceptive..). Since this was our first series of festival after our marriage, it was even more special. Without further speech, let me present you some of the pics... 

'Choodi' pooja at our bBangalore rented house

my wifey doing the rituals of choodi pooja at the main door

'Choodi' pooja at our udupi home. The rangoli and godess lakshmi's footsteps. 

Typical 'choodi'

Tulsi setup in our udupi home. After the 'choodi' pooja. 

Coconut tree view from our home.

Some love from the rain to a new life on a barren land


The pooja items

'Gowri' pooja setup 

The gowri pooja special - vaina pooja for married women

A scene captured during the gowri pooja

Who only girls like roses! I love roses for their vibrant colors and pattern (ok may be for different reasons altogether :)) 

Our family ganesh idol - setup in my grandpa's brothers place - in 'Varanga' near Hebri. 

My grandpa's brother performing the pooja

There were still more items but the banana leaf had no space :) 

Our moola (family lord) naga devata idol - at varanga

My favorite destination - Jain temple surroundings - in Varanga

A stone sculpture with some message in hale kannada

Look who was posing for the pic

Jain Temple outer look 1 - Varanga

Jain Temple outer look 2 - Varanga

Mahaveera sculpture on one of the walls in Jain temple - Varanga

Jain temple priests house and western ghats - Varanga

Paddy field in front of the jain temple - Varanga

Paddy field closer look

Paddy field, crops - closer look

One more jain temple in the middle of lake - Varanga

Ranga pooja setup in my wifey's place

Lord Ganesh pooja setup in my wifey's place


Sneha Sunny said…
That was nice.... You enjoyed the festival I see. I like the paddy plant pic too....it's crystal clear.. :-)
Dude.. Excellent man.. Very good captures and looks like u did have a nice holiday! :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures :) Love the rain :)
Saru Singhal said…
Brilliant photography and the best post I have seen in recent times. I'm just scrolling up and down...:)
Prasanna said…
Beautiful captures, especially the fare laid out on the banana leaf :-) Looks yummy
Spicy Sweet said…
Wonder photography! And the introduction of the tradition followed. No wonder India has so many flavors!
Gautam S Brahma said…
Excellent captures, from the first pic till the last..lovely :)
Anonymous said…
Nice :)
Sunil Padiyar said…
@sneha - Thanks a lot :) Yes I had great time.. I loved that snap too :)

@Devi - Thanks buddy.. Yup, it was great.

@Ege - Thanks Ege :) I love them too.. :)

@Saru - :) Thanks a lot!!!

@Prasanna - Thank you ma'am... They were all yummy :)

@Spicy Sweet - Thank you :) Yes it does! Incredible India!

@Gautam - Welcome to From the eyes.. Thanks for your comments :)

@thinkingdreams - thanks :)
Jidhu Jose said…
superb shots.
paddy field close up is an awesome shot
SUB said…
loved the pictures dude...and loved the place, so green....
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Jidu - Thanks a lot :) I loved that pic too..

@Sub - Thank you Sub... I love that place too... It's a village called 'Varanga', near Hebri, Karnataka.
Good one man .. want more of this stuff
Beautiful place :)
I wish I could be in the paddy field :)

Great post!
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Shomith - Thanks buddy. Sure. :)

@Juhi - Welcome to 'From the eyes..'. Thank you for your comments. :)
Sudha said…
What a beautiful picture essay. I particularly loved the photograph of the rangolis and the moola naga idols.
sowmya said…
without invitation :P
i really had a good feast!!
wow with some mouth watering "prasadas" & food in banana leaf :D
our systematic pooja makes India incredible
very well captured sunil!
every shot is wonderful! :)
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Sudha - Thanks a lot Sudha, welcome to "From the eyes..."

@Sowmya - ha ha :) it was really delicious. Thanks a lot!!
Raj T said…
Namaskar-Amazing blog and photos , extremely good and clear-It was a delight and privilege to see this blog ad pics.(I am also from Udipi side--now all relatives have moved to Mangalore --
With Best rgds
CaptTR Retd
Dev Kumar said…

Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on
India's leading pooja portal

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