the days of pure innocence...

Gone were those days,
when we had less time to worry
and more time for everything else!
when we had no responsibilities
and could completely rely on our family…

Gone were those days,
when going to school was a priority
and exams were the only enemy!
when friends were our world
and teachers were our guardians…

Gone were those days,
when even the schedule had time for play
and two months of yearly break!
when festivals, holidays
and even weekends were never working days!

Gone were those days,
when mistakes were corrected 
and fights were forgotten!
when innocence took over grudge
and love over hatred...

Gone were those days,
when truth was spoken without fear
and lies that never hurt...
when life was a fairy tale
and thoughts had no bounds!

Gone were those days,
when wounds were on the knees
and not in the heart...
when beauty lied in character
and not in status!

We never understood fully
why people said its the golden period...
How we wish to get back those days
the days of pure innocence!!


SUB said…
i heard this quote somewhere 'you don't smile less if u get old, you get old if you smile less'...there is a child in all of us...if only we realized that our childhood days would have been always there with us :)

nice post :)
Anonymous said…
I think you can still be all that, if you choose so :)

Mix the wisdom in to it and I'm sure it will be even better than then.
A man is as old as he thinks! :) :P
Saru Singhal said…
Beautiful poem Sunil and the last two paragraphs are so meaningful. Lovely...
@ Saru: Thank u :) the last but one paragraph is mine actually :) I gave those ideas :)
This comment has been removed by the author.
Good post Mr Padiyar, liked the "innocence" of the poem :)

Its human nature to realize the value of everything once it is gone. Now you want to go back to childhood, after getting old, you may feel like coming back to this "young and energetic" time :). So I think, we should also start enjoying what we have at this point of time, instead of getting lost in past or future.
Anonymous said…
I remembered the poem "Mera Naya Bachpan"..

Baar baar aati hai madhur yaad bachpan teri...
Gaya Le gaya tu, jeevan ki sabse mast khushi meri...

"We all miss our childhood."
Wonderful! How did you manage to putt all this together! "Wounds were on the knees, not in the heart" has had an impact on me.
Sunil Padiyar said…
@SUB - Thank you :) that was a wonderful quote.

@Ege - Yeah you are right. But to be honest, though we may try, we can never get back those days. I am not saying that I miss them a lot. Or I badly want those days back. It is just that childhood was all different in many ways. A wonderful stage of our lives.. simple.. beautiful and carefree.. :)

@Devi - I agree :)

@Saru - Thank you :) Glad you liked it..

@Priti - Oh yeah.. Sorry for not including the credits.. So here I go.. :)

@Gowdru - Absolutely right... I wasn't craving to get the childhood back... But yes, we all would have wished to get back those days.. And as you said, every stage of life is beautiful in its own way... Has its own significance... Just that I remembered those wonderful times... :)

@ Sapna/Thinking dreams - Welcome to "From the eyes.." :) Yeah.. we all miss them, no matter how strongly we say that we don't, at some point, we do miss them :) Thanks for your thoughts.

@Valady - Thanks a lot Sir! Well, that line was suggested by my wife. So the credit would go to her :)
Sujatha Sathya said…
i wonder if there is any person at all who doesnt want his childhood days back!
niiice poem
sowmya said…
lovely post! u made every one to run back to their childhood day & the expression of that moments are very true & natural "wow" i can say!!specially that line

"when beauty lied in character
and not in status!"

i strongly believe in it :) wonderful ! wonderful!
Anonymous said…
Nice post. How true what you say. Though reminds me of a saying, "the grass is always greener on the other side". When younger, this was the life we all craved and now vice versa. I think it's better to stop looking over the fence and tend to our present grass.
PencilGirl said…
A beautiful poem. The depth of it's meaning is only enhanced by the simplicity of it. :)
I'm lovin' it! :D
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Sujatha - True! Thank you. :)

@Sowmya - I loved that line too.. :) Thanks a lot.

@jojo - Absolutely spot on.. Great thoughts :)

@Pencilgal - Thank you :)
sowmya said…
beautiful recall of memories :) well written after long time i am viewing ur blog :)keep writing & smiling!
sunil padiyar said…
Thanks Sowmya, once again.. :)
Well yeah, it has been a long time since I visited my own blog! You too, keep writing & smiling..

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