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Word'less' Wednesday.. Window of opportunity

"God has given endless window of opportunities to every one... Identifying the right one and making the best use of it, is upto you... "

You and I... (breaking the ice)

Click here to read the first & second love bites. 
Note: First of all, I would like to thank all my readers for the love you have showed me on the first two parts. This one, which is the last part of this series is a bit long and I hope you will bear it for me :) I hope the last part would stand to your expectations... 

She: hmmm… let me put salt in the wound… m loving it.. *smiles* “What happened? Why you look so dull!”
He: “Am I?”requesting fake smile.. .. brain replies – file overwritten by sadness! Shit! request again… *smile loaded*” Nop! Not at all… Why?“
She: “Don’t know. I mean, I just felt like that, so asked. Anyway, what’s next? “
He:  “Well, it is quite late. Let’s go home. Will drop you to your aunts place.”
She: “Sure.”He he, poor you!
Then they left the place and reach their respective destinations. While the boy thinks whether to message and ask her how was the day, his cell vibrates. And yes, it was her. He opens the message.

The text read  “Well, I had a great time.…

You and I... (Part 2)

Click here to read the first love bite...

Like always, he adjusted the mirror to get her glimpse while she sat behind him, firm, placing one hand on his right shoulder. All along the bike ride, guy was only thinking about the last conversation and trying to find way to clear out things between them. The suspense was chocking him. 
He: (hmmm, maybe she is playing games with me. or… err, focus… let me be optimistic. After all, girls don’t give up their secrets… at least in such matters)
She: (oh god, I am so happy today. Thank you Thank you Thank you *blush* *blush*)
He: (God, please help me!!)
*** Somewhere in the ocean of milk, God - lying on a soft sleep well-couch-like snake, with his wife who was gently pressing his feet with one hand and checking her facebook (god version) wall on her Galaxy tab with the other hand - opens his eyes! And the reply goes like this…
God: Hmmm, sorry buddy. You ask me to help in cracking the IIT or even build the rocket for you, but no… I can’t help you…

Word'less' Wedneday - Colors of 'Shravana'

Dear readers, this week I am not posting one pic, instead I am giving you a collection of pictures taken during the auspicious month of 'Shravana'. The blend of Rain and some of the unique celebrations make this month one of my favorites. Even though women have lots to perform and comparatively we men don't have much to do (pooja perceptive..). Since this was our first series of festival after our marriage, it was even more special. Without further speech, let me present you some of the pics... 

You and I.... (part 1)

*Words in Italics are the thoughts going in the character's mind... 
He:(dude, 2 years now. You still want to wait!) Hi, so ah, what do you want to have? (that’s not I was talking about you dumbo!)
She: Ah, let me see. (God! Seems like he has a plan! I am feeling so uncomfortable. *blush* *blush*… oh stop it gal. Don’t show any sign)
They ordered some food. While they were waiting, there was some unusual silence. Normally, they would speak endlessly. (Ok, the gal speaks more without a break.) But today, there was something else going in their head.
He:(man, this sucks! Why are you not speaking anything. Wait a minute, even she is not speaking. This is the chance buddy, you better have some progress!) So, long time ah. How’s everything going.(Not bad... and please stop starring before she could read your thoughts. You know she is good in that!)
She: (Finally, got a topic!) Ah, nothing much. Everything is going good. Hoping to get a job soon. My uncle in Hyderbad says there are lot of…

the days of pure innocence...

Gone were those days,
when we had less time to worry
and more time for everything else!
when we had no responsibilities
and could completely rely on our family…

Gone were those days,
when going to school was a priority
and exams were the only enemy!
when friends were our world
and teachers were our guardians…

Gone were those days,
when even the schedule had time for play
and two months of yearly break!
when festivals, holidays
and even weekends were never working days!
Gone were those days,
when mistakes were corrected 
and fights were forgotten!
when innocence took over grudge
and love over hatred...

Gone were those days,
when truth was spoken without fear
and lies that never hurt...
when life was a fairy tale
and thoughts had no bounds!

Gone were those days,
when wounds were on the knees
and not in the heart...
when beauty lied in character
and not in status!

We never understood fully
why people said its the golden period...
How we wish to get back those days the days of pure in…