Wordless Wednesday...

Sunset, Goa.

" At times we fall in life, not because we were wrong,
But only to learn from it and rise again strong…
Just like the sun who goes down,
Only to shine again the next dawn… "


Anonymous said…
Really nice both of them :)
Saru Singhal said…
Beautiful composition Sunil...
whats this concept of Wordless wednesday? :)

Excellent picture capture.. :)
sowmya said…
wow !
stunning post!
with lovely writing & careful click!
i loved this post :)
Reassuring, optimistic composition. Photo is excellent.
confused soul said…
Lovely photo...I love the thought especially... If only people could incorporate such positive thoughts in life.. :)
An inspiring writing which I can relate to. And that's a good photograph. Nice.
Sadiya Merchant said…
how wonderful!
n dat is a beautiful beautiful picture.
i can think of only one perfect wrd fr dis- 'pristine' :)
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Ege - Thanks a lot :)

@Saru - Thanks a lot :)

@Devi - Hmmm.. I guess I need to rename it saying word'less' wednesday... :) The concept is having a photograph with some lines... unlike my other posts. Thanks for the comments.

@Sowmya - Thanks a lot :) I loved the pic too!!

@hariharan - Thank you Sir :)

@Confused Soul - True.. Thanks for the comments :)

@Otakore - Welcome to "From the eyes..." Thanks for the comments :)

@Sadiya - hey.. Thanks a lot.. :) You gave a wonderful meaning to this post.. :)
Saheer Kumble said…
a very gud pic and well written lines.
Purba said…
This is a gorgeous shot!
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Saheer - Thank you :)

@Purba - Thanks a lot :)

@Nishana - Welcome to 'From the eyes.."
Thank you :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful picture and excellent lines.

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