My first blogger award!

Well, you may be wondering after reading the title as what this all about... Let me tell you that one of my fellow blogger friend - "Gowtami" who has a wonderful blog (you can read it here) has shared the following award with me...

Thanks a lot Gowtami... 
It means a lot to me!! 
(wow! thats rhyming isn't it.. :P anyway jokes apart, I mean it...)

So to continue the tradition of this award, though I am not sure if I am worthy enough to receive this and share this with other fabulous bloggers out there ---  I receive this, humble, and share it with few of my blogger friends... (Yeah yeah, I am exaggerating & flauting about it... I know.. but this is the first of its kind, so I think it is O.K :P )

So first I need to share 7 facts about me.. Ok, lets see

1. I am prone to cold, O.K a little too much. It doesn't matter if it's summer, winter or rains... Getting cold is normal to me!
2. Don't ever touch gently or pinch or hit on my nose... I am too allergic to that and I start sneezing endlessly!
3. I am a gaming freak. Who says that these computer games are for kids! You name it I have played it.. (or atleast heard it..) Fifa, MOH my favorites... I can play hours without taking my eyes off the screen... I am not kidding...
4. I cannot take a firm decision... I do admit! Yes, I try to stick to it... but with a doubt if its right or wrong!
5. I dream a lot... Dream about everything... (I mean day-dreaming) it can be about me landing on the moon or acting in a movie with Katrina Keif!
6. I am a little cleanliness freak... I mean,  I am not saying that I am too much like Monica Geller in F.R.I.E.N.D.S! But I would prefer to have things in their place and my space to be neat...
7. I have a list pretty long when it comes to what I want to do in Life.. But often finds myself a bit lazy in executing them or taking the next steps!

Hmmm, done with the first part... And now it is my privilege to share this award with ... ....
P.S - don't go by the order. And it also doesn't mean that I don't think the rest I am following/who follow me don't deserve this, most of them alreadty have one (so I thought let me choose from the rest) and for the rest,  I don't consider myself to be worthy to share this with them!!

Shobhit - Mindzpeak
Hariharan Valady - Valady views
Prasanna Rao - Life under microscope
Preethika Shenoy - Life is beautiful 
Ege Denne - Ege This 
Animesh Ganguly - penning down the mind
Kanu Priya - Parwaz
Gajanan Kamath - Lots to Write
I request you all to receive this award as a token of love and continue its tradition 



Chintan said…
you are very kind sunil, thank you so much :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations :) and no you didnt.....!!!! Me???!! Thanks a lot! Big hugs! You know what a fish mouth look like? There you got me..
Purba said…
Its raining awards...congratulations Sunil. And as long as you are doing the cleaning, being a cleanliness freak is ok.
Animesh Ganguly said…
Hey Sunil, that's really kind of you :) Thank you so much for the award.
Anonymous said…
ha ha.u know i have two things very common in btw about cold n cleanliness,he he. congrats
Anne John said…
Wow! Congratulations Sunil! Thank you so much for choosing to share this award with me - I am humbled and honored :-)

And you sound soooo like me on points 1 and 5! Same pinch! It is going to take me some time to think up interesting facts about me and put it up on my blog!!
SUB said…
congrats dude :)
PencilGirl said…
Congratulations!! I think you totally deserve this one, it describes your blog well.. :D :D I'm with you on the colds and the dreaming part.. I'm pretty terrible at making decisions as well.. :P
I did check out a few of the blogs you've mentioned. Great choice! Will check out the rest next time.. (Too sleepy right now.. :P)
Anonymous said…
You got one back from me :) I just had to give you it..
Thanks Sunil. This recognition means a lot to me. Award from an experienced blogger like you is a matter of pride. Thanks once again.
aativas said…
Glad that you introduced so many more good blogs because of this award :-)
Prasanna Rao said…
Congrats Sunil and Thanks for sharing the award :P Well getting an award from my own student, I am honoured :P Also, got to read stuff from some good bloggers.
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Chintan - it is my pleasure :)

@Ege - yes, you deserved it..

@Purba - hey, thanks :) and on that Cleanliness thing, I kinda expected you would say that..

@Some Unspoken Word - he he :) Good to know m not the only person :P .. Thanks..

@Anne - Same pinch from my side too :) Thank you and congratulations to you too :)

@SUB - thank you :)

@PencilGal - Thanks a lot :) Good to know about the similarities :) .. and yeah, expect few the others are not so popular but are very good blogs..

@Ege - Ah!! Didn't expect that :):) Thank you so much.. :) :)

@Hariharn - I consider myself humbled and honoured to share this with you.. I am not very much experienced though... Thanks for accepting..

@aativas - Thank you

@Prasnna ma'am- Thank you and you totally deserved it :) I am really humbled and honoured too to share this with you as I consider you deserved it more than I do...

@All - thank you very much for your appreciations.. Perhaps, thats what made the difference more than what I write :)

BTW, Purba, SUB, PencilGirl, Leo, Saru, Aativas and some more - I really wanted to share this with you.. But I think I am not qualified enough to give this to you guys.. You guys are highly professional and my fav. bloggers..
sowmya said…
hearty congrats :)
keep smiling always
Shobhit said…

Congratulations for the award ! :-)

And thanks for tagging me with it. I can relate to your points #3 and #4. My personal favorite is Caesar IV. Have you played it ? :D

And about your point #2, I asked you in a comment before whether you have seen an ENT specialist about it yet ? Do let me know.

Thanks a lot again. :-)
Bhavna said…
hey congrats to the couple for bagging the versatile blogger award....may more awards come your way ......
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Kanupriya - Thanks, I hope you checked your name in it too..

@ Shobhit - Thank you. And tagging you with it was the least I could do :) .. CaesarIV - I haven't played.. These days not getting more games to play.. #Sigh# I miss the hostel life for that .. :P .. And about the 2nd part.. well, sorry I might have missed it.. Thanks for caring and yeah, I think will do the next time I go to my home town :)

@Bhavna - thanks a lot :)
Hey Sunil, Thank You so much!!! :D I will take this award ASAP... :D :D :D
Sneha Sunny said…
hey!!! congrats...... :-)... keep up the great work!!

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