"Is it dream or..." (part 2)

Read first part here for recap... 

I went back to my bed hoping for a nice "dreamless" sleep this time. I was thinking about the same women for a while but then didn’t realize when my eyes shut…


“I told you not to freak out..”

Ah! not again. “who the hell are you, why am I dreaming about you!”, I was least expecting her this time.

“Look, it isn’t easy for me either. But you have to listen to me. I hope it won’t take much time. Besides, you don’t have any other options!” she replied with the same smile. I had enough of it. But then, she was right. I had no choice. I felt it was too unfair that she could read my thoughts but I could not - even though it was my dream and it was my mind that had setup all this!

She giggled. I knew she read what I was thinking. I made 'are-you-going-to-answer-that' face, waiting for her to stop giggling.

“Hmmm, poor you! yeah, you can’t read my thoughts. You see, our brain is a wonderful database. Most of the time our dreams are built upon what we see when we are awake - with the help of our conscious mind. But you see, there is one another part – the unconscious mind. Actually, it monitors everything without our actual knowledge. I mean, it stores many things that we have come across in life but we don’t remember them. By ‘remember’ I mean it is not stored in your ‘conscious’  mind…”

Oh god, don’t tell me that I am having a multiple personality disorder, like the one in Karthik calling Karthik or A beautiful mind! I stood there with my mouth wide open, listening to what she said.

She started laughing now and then continued – “ I must say that both of them are nice movies. And the later one was a classic. Don’t worry, you don’t have any such problem.”

“Holy shit… I need to watch my thoughts from now on…” wait minute.. that sound weird. I mean, dreams itself are an extended version of thoughts. And I don’t have control over it. Now I need to control my thoughts within my own extended version of thoughts called dreams? This is crap!

“Oh sunil!” she couldn’t control herself this time… she started laughing again. It was so loud that I felt it was echoing inside my tiny skull! I stood there, helpless, waiting for her to settle down.

“I am sorry.. but”  she tried to control her emotions this time. “I must tell you, your thinking is out of the box”

I didn’t know whether it was a complement for which I should thank her or should give her a cold look for being sarcastic! But anyway, I was determined this time to know what she was up to. “Look, ma’am… Can you please come to the point?”

“Hmmm, that’s better.” she replied with the same look, something like she was about to disclose some secrets but then she had all the time in her life while she can enjoy the curiosity built on my face… “Well, let me introduce myself first. I am Sneha. I am not a character that your mind has created but who has a life just like you. I don’t know if you remember me, but I was your junior in the same school as yours.”

“You are. What..? Where...? I mean... how?…” I stumbled. She turned around, silent, as if lost in her thoughts. “I don’t remember anything. Why are you here? And how can I believe you?” I continued.

After about some deadly silence for 2 minutes, she spoke again. And this time, her words sent me back to those days….

“Remember Isha, your sister?”


To be continued… 

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Anonymous said…
Oh, my dreams can be like that..... Often. In one dream I was in Egypt or something in the year 2084
magiceye said…
twist in the tale!
Anonymous said…
wow.thats made me remember of a novel written by a muslim authoress. waiting for the next part.plx write soon :)
Dude.. No more episodes please.. :) And request to come out with the next part asap ;)
Farila said…
Your are creating a great fiction there.. hope you can keep it up till the end. Good and new kind of perception.

BTW Thanks for supporting my blog with your comments.
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Ege - yeah, sometime we do get strange dreams! Thanks for your comments.. Welcome to 'From the eyes..."

@magiceye - thank you :) I assure you there will be more.. .

@some unspoken - Oh really... is there some link or something for that novel? And yeah, sure.. :) the next part is coming soon... thanks for your comments..

@Devi - ha ha.. sure devi.. it won't take too long.. :) Thanks.

@Farila ji - Thank you. Even I am hoping that I can keep the interest till the end.. :) And BTW, it is my pleasure reading your blogs.
Saru Singhal said…
Karthik Calling Karthik was not a good movie and now let's read the third part...

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