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Wordless Wednesday...

"At times we fall in life, not because we were wrong, But only to learn from it and rise again strong… Just like the sun who goes down, Only to shine again the next dawn… "

"Is it dream or.." final showdown

I would suggest you to read firstsecondthird  and forth part if you haven't already...
Though it was in my dreams, I clearly remember her face. But, does she know about my dreams. Practically it is impossible for someone to get into someone else’s dream and communicate with them!!
“ Excuse me, you are Sunil right?” the voice pulled me back out of my thoughts. Same face, same voice. How is this all possible! She was standing next to my table now... Before she gets ‘he-is-a-dumb’ impression, my mind suggested me to clear my throat and answer her question.
Ah, yes… and you are…”
“I am Sneha… Oh my god, so good to see you! After so many years! Remember me, I was your junior in high school? I was Isha’s friend…”
She noticed the change of my expression for those last lines.
“oh, I  am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you in anyway, bringing back her lost memories… Hope I haven’t offended you… You were kind of disappeared after that incident. You were very close to her right… Even I …

26 and yet not famous!

Disclaimer – I apologise for having some out-of-the-context facts at the start of the post, which I have tried to relate somehow later. This post is not about any social problems or my perspective on any burning issue. This is about my life and my views on the life. If you aren’t interested in knowing, then you may stop here. And yeah, the post is bit too long (so is the disclaimer  :P)! I couldn’t help it  :) 

1985 A year that was declared International Youth Year by the United nations.
August, 1985
Delta Air Lines Flight 191 crashes near Dallas, Texas,killing 137 people.Japan Airlines Flight 123 crashes in Japan, killing 520 people (the worst single-aircraft disaster in history).British Airtours Flight 28M The 737's left engine caught fire while on its take off roll, 55 people are killed while trying to evacuate the aircraft.Samantha Smith,"Goodwill Ambassador" between the Soviet Union and the United States for writing a letter to Yuri Andropov about nuclear war, and event…

Is it a dream or... (part 4)

I would suggest you to read first, second and third part if you haven't already...

I couldn’t sleep after that. I never thought my one mistake would come back and haunt me after so many years… that too in such an unusual way. I tried recollecting the scene when my phone started to ring. It scared the hell out of me as I kept wondering whether to look or not to look at my cell. “Who would possibly be calling me at this time..! Or.. Am I still dreaming?” I sat there on my bed frozen, watching my cell phone ringing… It continued for some time, when my heart beat  reached its peak. And then it stopped ringing. I outstretched my shivering hand to pick up the cell. I rubbed my eyes for a clear vision to see who had called… Alas! What a relief. It was just my alarm!
It was early morning 6AM, but the environment was dull and gloomy due to overcast conditions. Within an hour I got up ready to office. I was combing my hair looking at the mirror, an unusual feeling struck me as if …

My first blogger award!

Well, you may be wondering after reading the title as what this all about... Let me tell you that one of my fellow blogger friend - "Gowtami" who has a wonderful blog (you can read it here) has shared the following award with me...

Thanks a lot Gowtami...  It means a lot to me!!  (wow! thats rhyming isn't it.. :P anyway jokes apart, I mean it...)
So to continue the tradition of this award, though I am not sure if I am worthy enough to receive this and share this with other fabulous bloggers out there ---  I receive this, humble, and share it with few of my blogger friends... (Yeah yeah, I am exaggerating & flauting about it... I know.. but this is the first of its kind, so I think it is O.K :P )

So first I need to share 7 facts about me.. Ok, lets see

"Is it dream or..." (Part 3)

I suggest you read the 'first' & 'second' part for the complete context... if you haven't read before. 
“Remember Isha, your sister?”

I felt the last word came along with thunder & lightnings... I was motionless for sometime as the name ‘Isha’ took me back to those days. I didn’t know how or what to respond…  Somehow I managed to reply, “I don’t have any sisters... I don't know whom are you referring to... “
“Yeah, that makes sense in a way as she wasn’t your ‘biological’ sister…” came back her reply stressing on the word ‘biological’ as she turned back face me…  “You know exactly what I am talking about and the person I am referring to here.. Don’t you?”
I realized then she knew a lot about me. I decided not to play around and listen to what she had to say. “Oh.. yes, I remember… I know Isha. That was long back. I even knew many of her friends…  But, I don’t remember you or anyone named Sneha”
She just gave a smile before continuing,

Wordless Wednesday...

Sometimes in life we may feel everything is over... we may feel life has become more like a dead wood...Then from nowhere, god (or someone sent by the god) shows us the right path... showers his blessings that brings a new hope... Just like new leaves - new life.. Have a great day ahead... 

"Is it dream or..." (part 2)

Read first part here for recap... 
I went back to my bed hoping for a nice "dreamless" sleep this time. I was thinking about the same women for a while but then didn’t realize when my eyes shut…
“I told you not to freak out..”
Ah! not again. “who the hell are you, why am I dreaming about you!”, I was least expecting her this time.
“Look, it isn’t easy for me either. But you have to listen to me. I hope it won’t take much time. Besides, you don’t have any other options!” she replied with the same smile. I had enough of it. But then, she was right. I had no choice. I felt it was too unfair that she could read my thoughts but I could not - even though it was my dream and it was my mind that had setup all this!
She giggled. I knew she read what I was thinking. I made 'are-you-going-to-answer-that' face, waiting for her to stop giggling.
“Hmmm, poor you! yeah, you can’t read my thoughts. You see, our brain is a wonderful database. Most of the time our dreams are bui…

Wordless Wednesday... Light...

may the light of knowledge end the darkness in our lives...

"Is it a dream or..." ... part1

After a long, hard day… all I wanted is a sound sleep. It was already 10PM and I had nothing to fill my tummy since lunch. I didn’t feel like preparing anything as I was too tired. However, my hungry stomach didn’t let me sleep. I strolled into the kitchen to see if there is anything. Then I quickly prepared omelet with those sleepy eyes. I was so hungry that, I stuffed it into my mouth, almost chocked myself in a hurry. Once I was satisfied, I went straight to the bed. I got sleep in no time…
“Hi Sunil…”, an elegant lady stopped me with a smile.
I had never seen her before. How does she know my name? “Hi…ah..”  I was about to say something before she cut me short.
“wondering who am I? well, you don’t know me Sunil. But I know everything about you.”
Is it? And how is that, and why are you saying all this. Is this a trap or something? Where am I? I started wondering.
“don’t think too much Sunil. I am your friend and I am not here to hurt you. And this is not a trap” she giggled…

A walk in the rain...

It wasn't new for me to work on Saturday's, in fact it had become a regular working day for us since the last couple of months. Saturday mornings are equally hard, like the Monday morning to get up. Within 2 hrs off the bed, I was in office in front of my PC, which was in no mood to boot up! Just like my managers, I knew how to make it work, after all I was its manager ;) Thankfully, I could finish my work a bit early. I started from my office bidding one and half days of rest to my PC at around 4PM, walking briskly towards the bus stop. Normally I take the cab but since I left early, I had no choice but to take public transport.

Covering my ears with some track from ZMND through the ear phones, I stared outside sitting quietly on my seat in the bus. Just when we cleared two signals from my stop, the weather transformed like how it does in movies. The grey clouds appeared from nowhere and the moisture filled breeze started hitting my rough face. (it was rough coz I didn't…

Wordless Wednesday

one of the best times of all season.. the times when it is raining!! :)

How nice it is when,

you are sitting in the chair resting, watching the rain through the window, listening to some soothing music, with the smell of fresh mud, sipping a cup of tea.... Awww... Priceless :) :)

Fading childhood...

It was 12’o clock when I woke up last Sunday (thanks to the night shift on Friday)and heard my wife already in the kitchen, may be preparing something for lunch. With great difficulty, I dragged myself out of the bed. My feet refused to stand on the floor, as the tiles were still cold. Sudden rush of blood started flowing throughout my body as I felt early morning fainting sensation, though I had slept for really long hours… I started cursing and blaming the night shift and the kind of work I have been doing in the last few days. Some sort of frustration and disgust had already started developing in my heart as I entered kitchen to see what my wifey had prepared for the lunch.
When I was sipping tea with some wooziness in the balcony, I heard some strange music (or shall I say ‘noise’ of the drum). I was about to complain about that too, (as I was in a great mood of complaining about anything and everything) I was stuck by what was happening on the street!
A small girl in her early…