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*Knock* *knock*

"Who is it?...", "Help...", "Please somebody help me..”, he pleaded.

The door opened.

“Who is it?” he asked anxiously.  

“Why are you not speaking… who are you, why have you tied me here… please don’t do anything to me, please...” he begged again.

But the person who entered kept silent.


Arman, like the other day was on his way back to his house after work. He wanted to go home early for some personal work. So, he skipped the cab timing and went ahead. His house was situated in an interior place, passing through those lonely streets which normally are taken over by the street dogs at night. Even though it was just 8’o clock, there was nobody on the road. And then, he suddenly got a feeling as if someone is following him. He turned back and then.. #BAAM%!


“Are you listening to me”, he literally shouted. But there was no response. He tried everything possible to untie himself from the time he got his consciousness. But he was unsuccessful. The last thing he remember before finding himself in such a hopeless position was when he was going back to his house in that lonely street. He could still feel that pain on his head that left him unconscious.


This time straight to his stomach… “Ooch!” that hurt real bad… Armaan couldn’t bear his pain and he started crying really loud. But there seem to be no one listening to his agony.


Some more hits on his legs and hands were delivered ruthlessly. He went on crying but the person who was doing this had no mercy.

After an hour of painful moments, the times when he suffered the most as compared to his entire life, he fainted.


He opened his eyes this time. The cloth that made him blind for some time was taken off. He was damn thirsty, hungry and more over was still feeling the pain of those beatings he had earlier. The room was quite dark, had nothing but dust and some broken furnitures. After recollecting some energy, he started shouting, hoping someone would hear and come for his help. But, his luck was not in his side.

The door opened again.

“Hi Armaan”

A lady, pretty gentle by looks but with some rage in her eyes came inside and stood in front of him.

“Who are you… did you do this to me? Are you insane… how could you… What have I done… I haven’t even seen you in my life…” he couldn’t control his tears. The painful tears trembled down his eyes, seeking some mercy.

But the lady wasn’t moved by this gesture. As if she was enjoying the pain he was going through…

“What have you done?” she replied, followed by a sarcastic laugh that made him tremble.

“You have taken everything from me… of course you don’t remember… it was just a fun for you… But it wasn’t for me…” she uttered.

“What the hell are you talking about? Look, you must have been mistaken” he replied with great difficulty.



“I have been waiting for this since the moment I closed my eyes when you acted like an animal and took everything from my life… Oh! You might have thought that I would give my life not be able to face the world and the consequences after you fulfilled your filthy lust… right?” and she started weeping.

It all came back in his mind like a flashback. He was stunned!

"So, you remembered the sin you had committed? Remember how you enjoyed over my misery? Remember how much I begged you...? 

He had no answers. He felt as if he forgot all the words. He stumbled and looked at her eyes with fear, when she took s knife out of her pocket. 

"You don't have anything to say. Do you? Even I don't have anything to tell. I just have to do one last thing..." 

And then she came close to him swinging the shining weapon to unleash her fury, the frustration and disgust that she was going through all her life. Every moment came in front of her eyes and the helplessness. Every other thing, starting from the act to how he managed to escape by bribing the policemen and doctors, how he laughed while going out free even after committing such a sin... She went on and on and on until the whole room filled with his blood stains. A feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of punishing the guilty with her own hands made her smile. She didn’t know what would happen to her later. The only thing she had in her mind was that, she took her REVENGE! 

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OMG.. Armaan, you deserve this revenge.. I love this post sunil.. Welcome to Blog-a-Ton.. Do keep participating..

Here is my post.. Oh, this is .... ReVeNge

Someone is Special
Aashish Sood said…
she did deserve that revenge... I have written a similar one on the same lines but a different plot... Read mine at Revenge is best when served cold

"ATB for the BAT...

Wandering Thoughts "
Animesh Ganguly said…
dark story, I must say, but then Revenge ain't sweet!
Nice post, and all the best for the competition :)
Find my post here: Revenge
Brijender Singh said…
That was gruesome to say the least !
But if that isn't revenge, then nothing is-cold, hard and unforgiving.
The slowly unfolding suspense was the icing on the cake !
SUB said…
dark...but very well written...
Sunil Padiyar said…
Thanks a lot guys! and yeah, couldn't think of any other gloomy/dark plot for the subject :) Glad you all liked it :) And sure, will be reading all others plots too :)
The Fool said…
Straightforward plot but really well narrated. Do check out my post hee. The Fool - Revenge
Aquib Mastan said…
nice read! and a nice blog... i'm following! :)
Anonymous said…
Quite dark . A story well narrated. But at few places, I felt, small changes would have made story more interesting. Like instead of got his consciousness, regained consciousness would have made it smoother .. Well, its just my opinion. But story-wise, every victim seek such revenge! Wish you luck buddy :)
aativas said…
Well narrated story. Liked it.
Sunil Padiyar said…
Thanks everyone.. Your comments are valuable for me...
@ adreamygal - thanks a lot for your suggestions.. Yes, it would have made things even better.. I really appreciate and would try to improve next time..
Priyanka said…
Ah, classic revenge.. I WAS mistaken:)

Well-woven, Sunil.
Good luck!
Shilpa Nair said…
Your post would make a good movie script :) :) And I can already imagine the heroine in those fishnet stockings :D, at many places I felt, an improvement in the framing of your sentences would have brought a more chilling feel to the post :) Good Luck :)
Vikram Pyati said…
Hmm.. revenge indeed can motivate( if thats the right word) people to do pretty nasty things. Very well written post...
Mine is here - Revenge
Sunil Padiyar said…
Thanks Priyanka :)

@Shilpa - Thanks for your comments Yeah, I was imagining it scene by scene while writing. And yeah, I do agree on that note. I have lots to improve in my writing.. Keep posting your suggestions..

@Vikram - Thank you. Sure will be reading it next..
the critics said…
hope she will rest in peace now.....dark and terrifying

here is mine have a look
the revenge of aparniyan- Revenge
Ruthless.... :)

Well narrated... Good script...:) keep it coming...
Sunil Padiyar said…
Thank you critic & Devi.. :)
HijiBijBij said…
hi read ur revenge...dark bu then a predictable one....i think i read a similar story in some other blog...just a small correction: "...Armaan couldn’t bare his pain and he started crying "

i think it would be "bear" isnt it?
Sunil Padiyar said…
Oh yes.. Thanks for correcting that... And yeah, there is a similar one posted in Blog-a-ton... Honestly, a much better one :)
Sadiya Merchant said…
uhhhhhhhh. nahiii! dat is awfully gruesome. primary reason y i was so reluctant wid d topic cos i knew such stuf wud cum up.
nw its goin to b at d baq of my head fr d rest of d day :o
most certainly a powerful write up!
sush said…
oh nice one. she did deserve that revenge. good write up.
Sunil Padiyar said…
Well, it does Sadiya... though I never meant it to bother anyone or their day.. :) Thank you for your feedback... :)

@Sush - Thank you :)

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