Night at the office.

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Disclaimer : Though the name sounds familiar with the movie – Night at the museum! This is far from it!

My eyes started burning as I relentlessly kept on staring at my computer screen with those rich-colored contents to see if there was any flaw. The page was filled with colorful tables, pictures and text. ‘If I keep looking at this screen for some more time, I may have to buy a pair of glasses for my eyes’, I thought to myself. It was one such night where I had to work when half of the world was into deep sleep. To assist some of those in the other half who would have just come online after a wonderful sleep. This thought made my eyes droop a bit, but then my mind sent a signal to keep them open. Even though the mind itself needed some rest, it was determined to complete the task. To accomplish this, it had to be awake and keep the rest of the organs follow the suit.

It was 1 AM and I was in office for more than 15 hrs now. I wasn’t sure when was the last time I had got up from my chair. It felt like every single nerve was begging me to go to bed and take a nap. I thought will have a cup of coffee, that shall keep me awake for some more time. Working late wasn’t my first time. In fact in the last couple of weeks, I don’t remember when I had slept properly for more than 5 hrs. Usually, by 12.30 I would have reached home so that I can come back to office by 8.00 in the morning. Nevertheless, it was one of those crucial stages of the project and working late to complete the deadline had become a routine.

Somehow, I got up. It felt as if I forcefully woke my muscles from deep sleep. I felt something in my legs, as if the blood moving through nerves that dried down long back. When I reached pantry, I realized there was no milk in the vending machine. I was there in pantry for what could have been my fifth cup of coffee that night. I hated black coffee but decided to try one. And then.. ..

I couldn’t hold the paper cups. Thinking that I must be sleeping, I rubbed my eyes and stretched my hand again. What! My hands are going through the paper cups unable to hold them. Red Alert declared in my brain and my sleepy mood had long gone. ‘Is this some kind of joke’ I thought to myself. I checked my watch and wait a minute! It has stopped at 1AM. I remembered that the last time I checked my watch, it was showing 1. ‘This must be a dream’, I thought to myself. Tried pinching my hand, but it didn’t pain! My head started swirling and then I started feeling some horrible pain in my head.

‘This isn’t happening… This isn’t happening…’ I kept on repeating. Then I saw the tap, which was not properly closed. Some water drops were dripping that made some noise, created by the water drops hitting the aluminum sink. This was clearly audible as there were no one in the office. There was absolute pin drop silence except for the ‘tup’… ‘tup’…  Still not able to believe what just happened, I tried washing my face. Holy Sh**, I couldn’t find my reflection in the mirror! I couldn’t even open the tap. I got scared like hell. I rushed outside seeking some help.

And then, found myself sleeping peacefully in my place with no movement. I went closer, saw the time in the watch tied around my wrist. The hand hanging from the table. It was showing 2.30 AM!!

P.S For all the workaholics. Life is not just about completing deadlines by putting too much effort. Life is given to you for some time-line. Don’t donate it to your company!


Dude.. people working late is fine... but people dreaming about work is bad!!! :D

good writing! :) Keep it coming..
Sunil Padiyar said…
well said.. but this is not about those who work hard.. this is about those who work 'too much'.. hope you got my point :)

& thanks.. keep reading... :) :)
Rajendra Vittal said…
Nice one...but life says do what you love and for some their love may be work.
Sunil Padiyar said…
Rajendra - correct.. do what you love.. but don't do something that might harm you or your life!! :P
zephyr said…
A good warning for workaholics. Loving one's work is fine and working long hours is also fine, but there should be a limit to everything. I like the idea of taking weekends off completely -- to sleep, to relax. In India, it doesn't work that way, since the geeks have to interact with other countries with other times zones, so the loss of sleep and hallucinating :P
Sunil Padiyar said…
Couldn't agree more zephyr! And thank you for visiting my blog!! :)
John said…
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the post script is recommendable... gonna copy it soon as status in FB... ;)
Sunil Padiyar said…
@Errol - ha ha.. Sure :) no problem..
Anonymous said…
I do know some people who can talk hours about their job, their role and how they are frustrated by their job and want a change.
sunil padiyar said…
Oh yeah! Its common everywhere... Even I do at times.. or shall I say I used to do it more often, before realizing there are people who don't even complain and are happy - even though they don't have things as compared to what I have!!

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