'Developing to Developed nation', whats the big deal?

Well, I haven’t been outside India till now. So, this may look like an assumption. But I have heard from my friends who have gone abroad. Every time they tell me the story of their journey, stay and things about the particular country, I was into deep thoughts as to why our country isn’t like how those so called developed countries. Since my 4th grade I have been listening to this line and unfortunately, I still listen to it that India is a developing country.
As a matter of fact, developing and developed have little difference when it comes to how they are pronounced or written. But there is a huge difference to be one. Some things, that I have read and I got to hear from my friends about the developed nations...

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They are systematic. They have enough resources. People are generous, dignified and appreciate the rules and they do follow them. The traffic is smooth, they follow lane system no matter how much traffic ahead.  Well planned cities, sewage system, garbage collection etc etc. and they go on and on and on, praising the nations they visited.

Some people even go one step further, deciding or trying to get permanent residence blaming the poor administration of their own mother nation. I read this somewhere, 90% of NRI or those who have been there - follow every rule while in other countries and don’t follow most of them when they are here. Wondering what I am talking about? Let me give you a small example. How many of you, even today, throw some garbage (let’s say a chocolate wrapper) on the street/road side? Or at least somewhere on the road, where you find pile of similar stuffs? I bet, if you go to other countries, you will think twice before doing that. And how about lane policy in our roads? Likewise there are many things which would require some common sense. But we don’t follow them. Why? The mentality changes according to how others follow and how the system is maintained. (Even in India, there are some places where people do follow this. But this is just an example.)

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Most of us, today, blame the administration for each and every issue that we come across on a day to day basis. Be it traffic, corruption, inflation, education system, poverty etc. Interesting fact is, even after knowing something is wrong, we do it. ‘Rules are meant to be broken’, is it? I don’t deny that we do have lot of ill-minded politicians & so called leaders. But what about the people? Aren’t we corrupted in any way?

The most important and one of the biggest problems is increasing population. When compared to other developed countries, we have a lot of human resources compared to other natural resources! We do have more natural resources than some of the developed countries but the consumption rate is way too beyond what we can get.
The other problem is the basics have gone wrong big time. A building cannot be built systematically unless the foundation is not planned and laid properly. Even if they try to build, it will not stand for too long. But wait a minute, am I blaming the constitution or law? Well, our nation has one of the finest constitution and law in the world. But what went wrong then? The execution... Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, knowing the fact that, constitution and laws cannot remain same over the time, made a finest option called amendments. But probably he didn’t know that, it will be used against the law itself! I mean, not all amendments made till now were wrong...  But people have misused it many times and still they are misused...

Corruption – well I don’t need to tell anything about this. May be the growing population has its direct affect on this.

So, what is the solution for all this? Just like most of them, I have tried listing the problems in our country. Unfortunately, with no solution! Probably, we have gone way too far that going back and trying to correct our basics is one big hell of a problem. We can do it, we need a suitable leader, our country is the greatest, we have this that and all blah blah blah... We speak, and then forget and the next day we go on with the same attitude... Now that’s where the real problem lies. The problems that we have which are like roadblocks, stopping us from becoming a developed country, cannot be solved or cleared by one man or even a group of 100 or 1000. Eventually, if every son/daughter of India, realizes this and do something about it, only then we may or at least the coming generation can live in Developed India... Sooner we realize this fact the better.

When and how do we start? Ask yourself! 


Deguide said…
Numbers are asset but we have turned into a liability, it is ironic Lolz
SUB said…
our strength is our population...wish we can channel it in a proper way....
Sunil Padiyar said…
True.... thanks Deguide & SUB for your valuable comments..

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