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"you can't just walk away..."

It was that day when I came to know,
my face turned pink with some unusual glow…
The day that made me feel so special,
the nature around started some lovely carol…

Yes, he is in love with me,
it didn’t really matter what others' take would be...
All I know is that our lives would change,
maybe it already has, which isn’t strange…

As days passed by, I developed a strong bond,
to every feeling of mine, he did respond…
It wasn’t visible from the outside,
as our souls started playing from inside… 

I was waiting for those beautiful moments,
as we prepared to tell our respective in laws…
I started dreaming being his lovely wedded wife, 
a wonderful gift to become his better half for life…

I woke up that day, by far the worst day of my life ever,
I saw his message that said 'everything between us is now over'...
I thought this could be my illusion,
but it wasn't, his responses were none…
My worst nightmares turned real,
how I wished it to be unreal…

Wordless Wednesday

Photography is neither my passion nor my hobby. But then, after I bought my first digi Cam, started taking some snaps which I will be sharing here, hopefully, on every wednesday. Since this is my first, will start with Lord Ganesh.


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*Knock* *knock*
"Who is it?...", "Help...", "Please somebody help me..”, he pleaded.
The door opened.
“Who is it?” he asked anxiously.  
“Why are you not speaking… who are you, why have you tied me here… please don’t do anything to me, please...” he begged again.
But the person who entered kept silent.
Arman, like the other day was on his way back to his house after work. He wanted to go home early for some personal work. So, he skipped the cab timing and went ahead. His house was situated in an interior place, passing through those lonely streets which normally are taken over by the street dogs at night. Even though it was just 8’o clock, there was nobody on the road. And then, he suddenly got a feeling as if someone is followin…

'Developing to Developed nation', whats the big deal?

Well, I haven’t been outside India till now. So, this may look like an assumption. But I have heard from my friends who have gone abroad. Every time they tell me the story of their journey, stay and things about the particular country, I was into deep thoughts as to why our country isn’t like how those so called developed countries. Since my 4th grade I have been listening to this line and unfortunately, I still listen to it that India is a developing country. As a matter of fact, developing and developed have little difference when it comes to how they are pronounced or written. But there is a huge difference to be one. Some things, that I have read and I got to hear from my friends about the developed nations...
They are systematic. They have enough resources. People are generous, dignified and appreciate the rules and they do follow them. The traffic is smooth, they follow lane system no matter how much traffic ahead.  Well planned cities, sewage system, garba…

after yours, now it's my take on wedding... part 2

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The previous day, program started with prarthana (initial prayers..) followed by udida muhurtam where I have to grind the urad dal (black gram) using a hand mil made of stone. I believe this is to make the groom understand how difficult the family life would be! (You will be grinded like this after marriage, so this is just a promo of it.. someone commented!! :| Gulp!!). The worst part here was my attire. I had to wear a translucent white dhoti for the lower part, a piece of cloth to cover the upper part and one mundaas (turban). First of all, I don’t like being topless infront of so many people mainly coz I am not that built. It could easily give an expression for the onlookers to say I don’t have any nutritious food! Doesn’t mean that I don’t, but that is how I am! Plus, when I say I had to wear a transparent dhoti, you can imagine how difficult it will be if you don’t have white colored ****! (Remembered 2 States? :P It wasn’t that awkward in my case though) Anyway, I ma…

Mama, papa abhi tak ghar kyu nahi aaye?

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“This is News@9 reporting from Mumba devi temple..” as the reporter started yelling on TV, Mrs. Khanna clung on to her daughter, shocked and nervous. A family of 3 with only one earning hand – Mr. Khanna, was all the reason for them to live for. It was 9PM and still there was no clue whatsoever about her husband, who should have come home by now from his work. She had already tried calling him on his cell so many number of times but it wasn’t getting connected. She was getting restless every second and her forehead had developed a layer of sweat on it.. “Mama, papa abhi tak ghar kyu nahi aaye”  the innocent girl asked her mom with those tiny eyes drooping a bit. “aa jayenge gudiya, kahi traffic main phas gaye honge” she tried comforting her daughter. Her heart started beating faster than ever, as she saw the telecast on TV screen and almost stopped when she spotted a red shirt drenched with blood, on an un-identified body, lying on the road… A tiny drop of a …

after yours, now it's my take on wedding... part 1

Prologue: My wife had this idea of writing about our wedding ceremony, the rituals etc. With due respect to her idea (you can find it here) I am writing - my perception on what all happened. (She asked me so many times to come up with this post, so here I go…) Those who have read her post first may find this one not so interesting or less humorous. The post is very long… as always ;) So, they are in parts..

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When I was 13, attending a marriage function was the most boring things of all. Most of the wedding ceremonies of our relatives or family friends used to be in the halls situated in a walking distance from our school. So, I was expected to attend them that too wearing my school uniform during the lunch break. The problem is out of so many people who attend these functions, majority of them won’t be knowing who I am and may think that I have there for the sake of free food. I don’t blame them coz I will be in my school uniform and there used to be many kids…

Night at the office.

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Disclaimer : Though the name sounds familiar with the movie – Night at the museum! This is far from it!
My eyes started burning as I relentlessly kept on staring at my computer screen with those rich-colored contents to see if there was any flaw. The page was filled with colorful tables, pictures and text. ‘If I keep looking at this screen for some more time, I may have to buy a pair of glasses for my eyes’, I thought to myself. It was one such night where I had to work when half of the world was into deep sleep. To assist some of those in the other half who would have just come online after a wonderful sleep. This thought made my eyes droop a bit, but then my mind sent a signal to keep them open. Even though the mind itself needed some rest, it was determined to complete the task. To accomplish this, it had to be awake and keep the rest of the organs follow the suit.
It was 1 AM and I was in office for more than 15 hrs now. I wasn’t sure when was the last ti…

Animations & Cartoons – a journey through fantasy world.

Most of you know that I am a gaming freak. There is one another thing that fascinates me a lot and that is animated movies/animation. When I say animation, it need not be the mixture of real life characters plus the animated ones, it can also be pure animation like cartoons. Though some grownups say – these are for kids, I would say there is no age-bar to watch & enjoy these creative master-pieces.
There is a lot of difference between the cartoons (what we get in cartoon network) and the animated movies. Only those who can visualize the difference, would understand what I am talking about here. What is so special about these unreal, impractical stuffs? It’s the imagination of creator, the ability to think beyond reality and display them on screen with rich, fancy color and characters that take you through a whole lot of wonderful fantasy world… Truly amazing.
The journey of animation started in my life way back in those childhood days, where we had no cable TV. Still happy with …