You made a difference… Part 2

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Krishna Kamath H a.k.a Kitta

What can I say about this guy! Mr. Perfect. Totally justifies his name – Krishna. Not because of his color, but the characteristics. Helping nature is what makes him more lovable than anyone in our group. This hairy monster (just kidding ;) ) can leave long lasting impression in your heart once you get to  know him. He is noble, simple, loyal – who thinks from his heart before mind – who reminds me of true human values. He is not only loved by all his friends but also by their parents. This guy can put his values way beyond anything and everything, including himself. We were in the same class during PUC, yet never spoke to him even though he was (and is) the best friend of Gajanan whom I know since childhood. He was the roomie of Gaza, in the college hostel next to my room. Perhaps, that is when I became more familiar with Kitta.

Things you must know:
Never ever hit him on his back. He is so much allergic, even if you pat with some force, it will leave your impression for quite some time on his back. Loves programming. While he gets concentration (which is hard initially) he can work for hours. Only person who can compete with Devi when it comes to apatite. Truthful devotee of Lord Venkatesh, passionate about mother land.

·         No matter how experienced you are, you still have lots to learn.
·         Take your failure as a challenge rather than mourning about it.

Gajanan Kamath a.k.a Gaza

One of the creative creature in our group. This man is well known for his well-timed, humorous jokes & happy-go-lucky charm. Very much cautious about his looks, who idolizes John Abraham. Highly ambitious and talented fellow who can sweep you off with his words is my far relative too. While I was enjoying my summer vacations during school, I used to visit my granny’s place, where we used to play cricket. Together, we had broken lot of tube lights and window pane and once almost %$$# (remember that full speed swinger? ;) ) Jokes apart, I appreciate him for the way he handled the challenges faced in life so early. The way he coped up, with that smile never leaving his face, high self confidence to achieve something out of any dark period. A great lad to hang out with. I would say, one in the top list, who will be missed dearly, if left out.

Things you must know:  
Pretty sensitive about his looks and skin! May look like he takes everything lightly and makes fun of others all the time, but has a soft sensitive heart inside. Has a good hold on his language and more over possesses a self-confidence which makes the difference. Has a unique skill – sketching, which he rarely does now a days. Owns a blog which is fun to read (check my blog list)

Haven’t listed any quotes here, as there are too many for even to remember!

Pavan Kamath a.k.a Chardu ;)

Well, the official creator of Ajjibettu group. Pavan who gives close competition to myself being the slimmest in the group, has earned himself a ‘super star’ status a month ago. (You know what I mean). We hardly had a conversation until the third year of our B.E. Popularly known as ‘chardu’ (baby) because of his size is a very good example for the saying – chota packet bada dhamaka. If Gaza is happy-go-lucky, Pavan is way too beyond that! He can survive in any extreme conditions (not talking about the environmental conditions or what they show in Man Vs Wild on Discovery). He is amazingly adaptable, adjustable to any given situations in life. Never saw this person in worry any sort of tensions. Not that he never had difficulties in life. In fact, if compared to professional life, I think he had the most difficult starts. As they say – it doesn’t matter how or where you start, what matters is how you end – the way he carried his career to what he is now, is excellent! And we know it is not the end, coz you never know when and with what this wonder kid comes out with!


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