You made a difference… Part 1

This post is all about real people who brought difference in my life. The post is a bit too long, couldn’t help it. This is dedicated to my friends. Though it lists only few of them, doesn’t mean the rest haven’t made a difference. They say, we learn from every moment and every person we meet in life. Be it someone we know very well or a stranger. So please don’t mind if your name is not mentioned here. This is about those with whom I spent some interesting part of my life during those learning curve in the last couple of years… This may look like a testimonial, but that’s not what I wanted it to be...

Devidas Sudhakar Maller a.k.a Devi

You cannot judge a person by the way he looks. Devi - Excellent example! With his huge personality (I can say he was slim if compared to what he gained now), brownish color and grey/white hair – didn’t look like what he actually is. It didn’t take much time for me (or for anyone for that matter) to become his fan once I get to know about him. I saw him while playing table tennis in canara college hostel for the first time. Must say, a great player. But then I came to know, he can play almost anything and not just play, he can play it really well. With his down to earth, straight forward, charming and great sense of humor he had already made lot of friends in college. He can go and speak to anyone without any hesitation – with that I meant, any gal ;) … Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t flirting. He is a nice guy and want to keep his contact list overcrowded. (believe me, he was fast out of space in his mobile contact list!). A great leader (he was our president - the only deserving and eligible candidate) and a wonderful human being.

I was privileged (no, I am not exaggerating) to be his roommate for the final 2 years in college. That’s the time perhaps I came to know more about him.
Happy go lucky person, well aware of his responsibilities, who values his parents to the max. Doesn’t keep things in heart, get along with people pretty fast and nicely. Friendly and Fun to be with. Used to study at the last moment (well last moment can be defined in various level for engg. Students. I would say – devi’s last moment used to come in the late stages of study holidays). Still,  he managed to get distinction or close to that. A gold medalist in his branch, truly deserving. Whatever he does, gives his best shot with no fear. A best example for – all rounder (not just in Cricket).

Things you must know:
A bit short tempered at times, but knows to control his emotions. Keeps beating the people who come along since that’s his friendly gesture. (don’t think he still does the same now ;)). Can’t bear the summer heat. In hostel, most often he used to be topless ;). He Has a great appetite and loves chicken. Always wants to lead from the front if gets a chance, if not – humble enough to get along.

       * Life is given to you one time, make the most of it.
      Always know what are your priorities and responsibilities. Before you act on anything, keep these things in mind.
            * Don’t get carried away with college life “fascination”. That’s not what you have joined the college for (I still remember that short moment... You are one among those who kept me on track…)

Shomith Raya Kini a.k.a Shomit

Jack of all arts – sorry for copying this line from your beloved one ;) :P . Shomith – a man of honor, a man of his words. Though sometimes, plays safe and diplomatic. Met him on the first day of engineering and after that, we were always together in class, college events, pranks etc.
Due to personal setback while he was young, Shomith had groomed to become responsible and tackle any situation. Among my engg. mates, I think he was the most hard working fellow. At his age, when we were in college, I felt he was more matured and responsible than others. Or at-least compared myself. Patience, commitment and amazingly calm or easy going – is what made him different in our group. He was most targeted while cracking jokes and still, he used to be either calm or get along with the joke. Some peculiar features - He can sleep with one eye closed and study with the other! He can also sleep for 2 min, getup and then continue with his studies!

Things you must know:
Doesn’t get angry, no matter how much you make fun of him. Or shall I say, he hides his emotions. Not so expressive in real life, and very much expressive on stage J A veteran actor and a script writer. Passionate about Kannada and follower of RSS. The one whom you can take classed on how to bargain and make a right/smart deal! Loves volleyball but after undergoing knee surgery and building some tiers around the belly, stopped playing. (heard he is into coaching now.. ;) ). Jokes apart, a great friend and a great person.

     While on stage, don’t show your back to the audience. And in life – don’t show your back to family and friends
          * There is always a better option, don't settle for what comes early. Or at least, keep your option open, go through all and select the best.



First of all Thanks a lot and I am Privileged to be featured in this list..Happy to know that I was one among the many who made a difference in your life :)

Secondly, you start my description by saying "You cannot judge a person by the way he looks".. :D Dude.. you have halved my chances of getting a girl man :P :P.. (Just kidding..)
And I can talk to anyone? :D C'mon i am not sure about that!!..
And contact list getting going out of space.. i had a nokia 1100 which could store a max of 30 contacts.. :D :D

Anyways, really well written and thanks for describing me in such a nice manner..not sure though how much of it really is the reality :)

By the way.. I want to take this moment to let you know that you are not a bad person either.. :)
The times that we spent together back in hostel are the most cherished moments of my life.. Knowingly or unknowingly, I have learnt a lot of good things from you..
You were my idol first, before becoming the canara idol.. :)(Guess its exaggerated a little bit, but it fits the mood)..

Wishing you the best in life..
Devi.. :)
Sunil Padiyar said…
My pleasure Devi.. And if any gal or any alliance who is reading this post - don't just go by my words. Check out his latest pics and you will know by yo self... I mean, he has that unique look... I always believe that, the way you look largely depends on your character, the charm you have and how presentable you are..

And about the contacts - it doesn't matter how much it can save, if it had more space, I am sure you would have required even more ;) ..

"not sure though how much of it really is the reality" - the things I have listed are true to my knowledge.. I am sure, others can add even more :)

And finally, thanks a lot for your kind words, I never knew I can be someone's idol! (I am way too behind being in that position).. but yeah, as you said, it fits the mood.. :)

Pady :)
Great writing Pady !

Thanks for those wonderful words, it’s my pleasure to be your friend. Your weighted words do make me think if I really deserve this. We together had a blast during our college days whenever we participated together. When I look back now on our college days, i feel proud of our association. Life is partly what we make it and partly what it is made by the friends we choose. I am privileged to have a friend like you.

Hardworking err ... I don’t think so, maybe my luck overrided my effort, cracking jokes was indeed a mess, people who value for "sleep" during sessionals realize how relaxing will a 2 mins sleep be. ”Volleyball” a lost wonder, no tiers found in the belly anymore.

People like you made my life easier in the stage. I missed you a lot during the stage performance after our college days. Your words in ur blog that have described the whole of our group with lots of colors, shows the quality of cultured friendship you share with each one.

Thanks again for your kind words.... Hope our friendship continues forever... !!
Yaba!! Sho-myth rocks!! :) Excellent reply by SHO.. :) And ofcourse there are no more tiers left in his belly anymore :D :D :D
Sunil Padiyar said…
Thanks sho! You did it again... a professional reply... :) & Devi, I haven't met him recently so not sure if the tires have gone really :) anyways.. Good to see we still have that "something", which binds us together.. though we don't meet too often or speak everyday...

and yeah, our friendship will remain... don't worry :)

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