The Perfectionist.

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What is life? A question, that can be answered in many different ways. Take some time and try to ponder over this question. Try to analyze what it means to you. For most of us today, this one tiny four letter word has just become – ‘Work’ & ‘Entertainment’. ‘Work’ - Spending time in office doing things which you may like or may not, for the sake of your own needs and for so many other that depends on you. When free, watching movies, eat, roam around malls & busy shopping streets or just sit back and browse through internet, social network and stuffs like that – the so called ‘Entertainment’.

Some say, “we should be happy for what we have got, what god has given us. Compare to those who don’t have the luxury that we enjoy every day.” If we have everything we need, why do we complain. People whom we think have everything also complain and compare themselves with someone else. Nothing seems to be enough for humans. Isn’t’ it? Is it because we are arrogant and don’t thank our fortune for what we have? Are we too much ambitious? Why can’t we just be happy with how life goes? To the contradictory, the same people also say – “expect more from life, don’t settle, sky is the limit or even that is not!” Of all the human beings if the average life 65 years is spent in struggling everyday to achieve even more, expect even more.. then what is the purpose of life? No, we have only one life, so let’s enjoy do whatever we want or like, shop whole day, eat, roam, travel, enjoy… … Can we?

Back to square one. So, what is life? Well, reading these lines by now some of you might have felt what boring topic is this or just think what crap. But then these complex questions have simple answers. Again, it depends on every individual as how he interprets and portrays.

Life is all about running behind that one thing, that makes you the Perfectionist. Knowingly or unknowingly we all are in this pursuit. We may not become the perfect in everything we try or do, still with one hope of becoming one someday, we move on. The fact is, by definition no one can become perfectionists. How do we accept & manage our imperfections to lead a healthy & happy life – is what makes us perfectionists! How do we balance our personal & professional life, how do we learn from our learning (commonly known as mistakes, I call them learning’s), how do we build our own values and enrich them, how do we take responsibility of another human being, how do we succeed after several failures are all catalysts to become perfect. Is that all? Still, something missing…

How spices are required to make a dish tastier, we need some changes, adventures, excitements, hobbies, games and so on, to make life ‘perfect’. It is definitely not just about ‘Work’ & ‘Entertainment’. We don’t need to master in everything we do or give a try. Like I said in my last post, doing something different than the usual way will surely add spices to life. But then, we need to make sure what we do is right and doesn’t harm self or anyone else. Likewise, it is important to have a good hobby. After all, at the end it is not just about how much bank balance we have managed. It is also about what we have done, what we have tried or attempted - before it is too late. Though they say, it’s never too late, I would say - it will be some day.

So, let’s take a moment and think about it. Let’s take a step towards.. .. .. ‘the perfectionist’! 


Girish K.N. said…
Nice writing Pady. Yes, we need to have well balance between work and life.
Sunil Padiyar said…
Thanks Girish bhai!
sumi said…
After a long time, Pady is back :) Nice one..

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