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You made a difference… Part 2

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Krishna Kamath H a.k.a Kitta

What can I say about this guy! Mr. Perfect. Totally justifies his name – Krishna. Not because of his color, but the characteristics. Helping nature is what makes him more lovable than anyone in our group. This hairy monster (just kidding ;) ) can leave long lasting impression in your heart once you get to  know him. He is noble, simple, loyal – who thinks from his heart before mind – who reminds me of true human values. He is not only loved by all his friends but also by their parents. This guy can put his values way beyond anything and everything, including himself. We were in the same class during PUC, yet never spoke to him even though he was (and is) the best friend of Gajanan whom I know since childhood. He was the roomie of Gaza, in the college hostel next to my room. Perhaps, that is when I became more familiar with Kitta.
Things you must know: Never ever hit him on his back. He is so much allergic, even if you pat with some force, it will…

You made a difference… Part 1

Disclaimer: This post is all about real people who brought difference in my life. The post is a bit too long, couldn’t help it. This is dedicated to my friends. Though it lists only few of them, doesn’t mean the rest haven’t made a difference. They say, we learn from every moment and every person we meet in life. Be it someone we know very well or a stranger. So please don’t mind if your name is not mentioned here. This is about those with whom I spent some interesting part of my life during those learning curve in the last couple of years… This may look like a testimonial, but that’s not what I wanted it to be...
Devidas Sudhakar Maller a.k.a Devi

You cannot judge a person by the way he looks. Devi - Excellent example! With his huge personality (I can say he was slim if compared to what he gained now), brownish color and grey/white hair – didn’t look like what he actually is. It didn’t take much time for me (or for anyone for that matter) to become his fan once I get to know about him…

The Perfectionist.

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What is life? A question, that can be answered in many different ways. Take some time and try to ponder over this question. Try to analyze what it means to you. For most of us today, this one tiny four letter word has just become – ‘Work’ & ‘Entertainment’. ‘Work’ - Spending time in office doing things which you may like or may not, for the sake of your own needs and for so many other that depends on you. When free, watching movies, eat, roam around malls & busy shopping streets or just sit back and browse through internet, social network and stuffs like that – the so called ‘Entertainment’.
Some say, “we should be happy for what we have got, what god has given us. Compare to those who don’t have the luxury that we enjoy every day.” If we have everything we need, why do we complain. People whom we think have everything also complain and compare themselves with someone else. Nothing seems to be enough for humans. Isn’t’ it? Is it because we are arrogant…

Dream on.. Don't stop Imagining.. Do something Creative..

courtesy - google images What is the biggest gift that God has ever given to us? If this question is asked, we will get different answers from different people. If you ask me, I would say one of the biggest gift god has given to humans – is the ability to dream or the power of imagination. I am not talking about the dreams which we see unknowingly while we are deeply into sleep. Yes, it has its own significance and are actually built on what we seek or desire (most of the time).
I am talking about the ones which you aspire even when your eyes wide open. It need not be just about what you want to become or how you like your future to be. The way we see things differently, the way we imagine the huge world around us – fascinates me. When compared to the world or universe, our mind is such a small thing… yet very powerful. Its power of imagination, the way it captures, portrays, modifies things in so many different ways to make you enter into your own fantasy world – is truly mesmerizin…