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The chatter of my dream gal...

Hello my lovely readers!
Let me introduce you to my dream girl today. Alas! You may be wondering what the heck I am talking about! If your mind is too fast (or if you watch too many daily soaps -or- your mind is one of the kinds of Ekta Kapoor) then it may even have started a thread titled “Sunil’s extra marital affairs!?”
Well, then you better stop. There isn’t anything of that sort. (Even if there was I am not that stupid to post it here ;) :P … hey wifey – doesn’t mean I have one or will have in future! You know I was just kidding :P) Anyway, I am talking about this character who reside in our (I can generalize this as it is the same in most of the guys) minds, exist only in our imagination – whose name often changes as we come across different girls (the real ones), and even have multiple faces, again extracted from faces that our in-built scanner (eyes!) capture – during  those tender age of 14 to XX (now both these values vary person by person :P) So, I have decided to give y…

Word'less' Wednesday...

A view from our office terrace. I took this pic with fxCamera application on my phone. I liked the effect it gives... This flower looked as if it is emerging out of all the closely situated corporate buildings!

Teenage Love(Crush)!!


Random Thoughts!

Image courtesy by ayoungwomansexpressions
I know it has been long time since I wrote my last post except for those word’less’ pics. Certain things happen in life and it takes some time to come out. Plus, not getting enough time in office now-a-days to even read one or two posts of my fellow bloggers. So, I am writing today without having any topic in my mind. If you are brave enough to read my blabbering, you can proceed. Else I would suggest you to stop here :) Coz I really don’t know what I am typing today and I don’t think I will even read it again or review. So, <I am actually blank here and wondering what to write!>
Ok, so… as I was telling certain things happen in life. Well, there is nothing new in this. But you see, sometimes it really gives you a shock even though you are not in contact with a live electric wire! Yup. It happened. However, I have decided not to take it further here. Looking at the bright side of life is not always as easy as it sound. I have realized it…

Word'less' Wednesday - Morning Mist

Morning mist - Before

Morning Mist - After

One fine Sunday, for some reason I woke a bit early...
I came out on our gallery to find out this... it was so refreshing... :) 

Word'less' wednesday - Tulsi pooja

The picture above was taken few weeks ago. Tulsi pooja is one of the festival that normally comes after Diwali and is celebrated in most part of southern karnataka. As far as I remember this was the first time I missed celebrating this small pooja  with my mom in our home town. Now that I am living with my wife home away from home, we celebrated it in even smaller way, in the most congested area of our balcony :) 

It happens...

When you think you’re almost there, at the very moment near the finishing line… Someone goes past you, coming from nowhere! happens…
When you know that you’ve done well, and have given your best in every level… Still, the outcome lets you down! happens…
When you believe that it’s gonna be fine, with utmost faith in yourself & almighty god… Everything goes wrong in just matter of seconds! happens…
When you see your life heading the right way, with every bits & pieces in the right place… You stumble and fall all the way down! It happens…
When you are happy for all the good reasons, not aware of what lies ahead across the lane… Sadness replaces the smile with heavy tears! It happens…
No matter what happens, it's just the matter of time, the good things do come back... Hopes may go down, dreams may shatter It happens..  but only to make way for the new ones.

P.S: I know it's a bad poem... or may be it's not even a …

Why am I not grateful to what I have?

Why am I not grateful to what I have? Hmmm... This isn't something new or isn't something that I’ve heard  for the first time from my beloved. Life, which I always said is beautiful but depend on the way we look at it… But, do I really mean it or have I lived the way it is said? When my grades went down – I felt bad for not getting a chance to appear for the campus interview, instead of looking into what is going wrong or concentrating on correcting myself… When I did get chance to write one – I felt bad for not getting into the big ones, though I had not prepared enough or wasn’t worthy of… When I did get a good job – after some time, I felt I shouldn’t have changed my mind during seat selection of engineering, which resulted in, me changing the course which I had initially got. If I had not, I would have got something even better.. When I did change my job – after some time, I felt it is not enough. When I was in bench doing nothing – I felt bored and feared for the futureWh…

My first ‘smart phone’ – Samsung Galaxy Y (GT-S5360)

Note: Read updates section below for latest findings/updates on the usage & other things on the phone. 

The most awaited and my long time desire of owning a ‘smart phone’ is finally fulfilled. Though it isn’t a hi-fi, costly gadget – I am fine with this one as it came in the budget. Samsung Galaxy Y, powered by android definitely a value for money product.
Some specification details: (I won’t go into the details. Click here for complete specification.)
3” TFT capacitive screen (256K colors) with multi touch support832 MHz processorPowered by Android v 2.3.5 (Gingerbread)Supports 2G/3G(HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps)160MB internal storage, comes with 2GB external SD (expandable upto 32GB)2MP camera (1600X1200), supports video recordingStandard battery, Li-Ion 1200 mAhMP3/MP4 player, FM supportDefault apps - Google Search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Google Talk, Picasa integration, Quickoffice document viewer/editor
The price ranged 7400-8200 Rs (I got it for 7600/- Diwali offer with 200 Rs p…

Obsession shifted… from Cricket to Football…

Disclaimer: As the name goes, this post is only about a sport which has more followers than any religion!
In a country, over obsessed by the so called religion – Cricket, there aren’t many supporters of Football. But since the last couple of years, thanks to the media & internet, the obsession is drastically changing or I can say is not just cricket anymore. I grew up watching cricket from Tests to One day’s to even local cricket matches. The fact that my dad was a cricketer and was the captain of a local cricket team – Pioneer, had a major role during my naming ceremony. Yup, I was named after the legend at that time Sunil Gavaskar. I don’t know whether my dad dreamt of me being a cricketer, but anyway, I never even looked like a sportsmen though I was interested in and even tried playing couple of them – Cricket being the most part of it. I am sure, majority of Indian youth have spent considerable amount of their childhood in either watching or playing Cricket.
FIFA World Cup 1…

Wordless Wednesday... Clouds & Sun..

Problems in life are like clouds in the sky
It requires some effort & "patience" 
Problems then just fade away, like clouds
and Sun comes out shining & smiling... :) 

Have a great week ahead....

Word'less' Wednesday... darkness & light

"No matter how strong the darkness may fall
It has to bow down before thee, small yet mighty candle light!! 
Likewise, No matter how difficult the situation may arise in life
It has to bow down before thee, the right attitude & hope!! " 
P.S: Due to so many things, not getting enough time to pen down or even read what my fellow bloggers have written since last few days... Will try to dedicate some time in the coming days...

Word'less' Wednesday.. Window of opportunity

"God has given endless window of opportunities to every one... Identifying the right one and making the best use of it, is upto you... "

You and I... (breaking the ice)

Click here to read the first & second love bites. 
Note: First of all, I would like to thank all my readers for the love you have showed me on the first two parts. This one, which is the last part of this series is a bit long and I hope you will bear it for me :) I hope the last part would stand to your expectations... 

She: hmmm… let me put salt in the wound… m loving it.. *smiles* “What happened? Why you look so dull!”
He: “Am I?”requesting fake smile.. .. brain replies – file overwritten by sadness! Shit! request again… *smile loaded*” Nop! Not at all… Why?“
She: “Don’t know. I mean, I just felt like that, so asked. Anyway, what’s next? “
He:  “Well, it is quite late. Let’s go home. Will drop you to your aunts place.”
She: “Sure.”He he, poor you!
Then they left the place and reach their respective destinations. While the boy thinks whether to message and ask her how was the day, his cell vibrates. And yes, it was her. He opens the message.

The text read  “Well, I had a great time.…