Ajmal Kasab and the death sentence.

    Well, we all know who is this Ajmal Kasab. Almost 20 months after the 26/11 incident, the lone survival of the Pakistani gunman has been sentenced to death by the Supreme court of India. On the same day I came to know about many other facts. In short, unlike the deaths list which Yamadev handles, Indian government has another such list for those who don’t deserve to live and are already sentenced to death!

(These facts written below are collected from various websites and the numbers/values may not be accurate) 

* Kasab still holds right(!) to appeal for mercy petition before Hon. President of India against the punishment.
 He has a right to appeal? What for? Who had given him the right to kill so many people in the first place? Along with his partners, he did it purposely with all his senses. He should not be given any rights.

 * There are already 29 of such prisoners waiting for the mercy petitions. Which means, as per the rule(!) Kasab cannot be sentenced to death until the backlog is cleared 
I don’t understand, what is taking so much time for the president to come to come to an conclusion! These people were sentenced for their deeds by the esteemed, highly educated judges of Indian Law after going through the case, evidence thoroughly. They why is it delayed. This topic is widely discussed now and people want Kasab not to put in this deaths list. I would say, there is no point in maintaining such lists. All those 29 evils along with Kasab should be hanged for their evil acts.

 * In terms of convicts, the last convict to have faced the gallows was in way 2004! Since then more than 100 were condemned. I couldn’t get the data as to what happened to those who found guilty in various inhuman acts and were sentenced to death
 These rules/delay in court/law matters give room to these ill-minded people to conduct such terrible acts. They will do what they want knowing it would take long time before the court announces its verdict, they can spend some more time by appealing to higher courts and so on… Unless the rules and the punishments are tightened such things continue to happen. 

* Indian government has already spent over 40 Crores (and still counting) to keep Ajmal alive healthy and safe in prison
   If so much security was spent in the right place, then we could’ve prevented many security breaches like parliament attacks, 26/11. Or at least, when it happened, we could’ve resolved/stopped them making further damage. 

   Now, why do we have such rules in the first place! I mean, after investigating so much and confirming that the person is guilty, what is that government gets by delaying the execution? Few more lacs or crores of tax money will be spent for the security matters. This is unnecessary and truly waste of resources. In my opinion, the brutal murderer should be hanged in front of Taj hotel in public, as early as possible. Hoping and waiting for good relation or compromising with such terrorist and terrorism supporting countries should be stopped. I understand this is not as simple as how it sounds. But, at least as a country, the government should stop giving it a second thought. Terrorism cannot be stopped. It should be destroyed.

   Many times I have come across people having rival mentality with Pakistan. In my opinion neither the country nor any religion is responsible for such acts. It is about a group of miscreant and evil minded people who are spoiling the minds of young just like Kasab. It makes me wonder how these terrorists live! Do they get proper sleep? Any human being, will have a heart that responds to feelings and feel guilty for the mistakes committed. And this is not just a mistake. Probably they are not humans! Killing over 100 innocent people just for the sake of some illogical theory is utter nonsense. Not all Muslims are terrorists. And not all terrorists are Muslims. We have LTT and Naxals who are also terrorists.

   Bottom line is, it is a certain victory to Indian judiciary and to the people of India who lost their loved ones during 26/11 incident. Now that the court has given its verdict, it should be brought into practice without further delay. Any government for that matter should take serious steps against terrorism and destroy its roots. Otherwise, more and more young people just like kasab would transform into such evils.


thote said…
All parts of the political games. Esp congress doesn't wanna loose Muslim votes. And its hard to believe that there are many Indian-Muslim people sponsoring these terrorists...
Anonymous said…
Ajmal Kasab has become a safe example to all terrorists who attack india. they have now understood that it is safer to be caught alive than to get killed.


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