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Ajmal Kasab and the death sentence.

Well, we all know who is this Ajmal Kasab. Almost 20 months after the 26/11 incident, the lone survival of the Pakistani gunman has been sentenced to death by the Supreme court of India. On the same day I came to know about many other facts. In short, unlike the deaths list which Yamadev handles, Indian government has another such list for those who don’t deserve to live and are already sentenced to death!

(These facts written below are collected from various websites and the numbers/values may not be accurate)

* Kasab still holds right(!) to appeal for mercy petition before Hon. President of India against the punishment.
He has a right to appeal? What for? Who had given him the right to kill so many people in the first place? Along with his partners, he did it purposely with all his senses. He should not be given any rights.

* There are already 29 of such prisoners waiting for the mercy petitions. Which means, as per the rule(!) Kasab cannot be sentenced to death until the backlog is…