Hang out with pals - Part2

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We chatted, teased and laughed like we always do. After one round of food at DeeTee, we came out and headed towards a small restaurant near bajaj show room. This was one of our pit stops whenever we visit manipal. I ordered a cheese burger which I didn’t like much as the bun was over roasted. It was 11 and we decided to go back home and get some sleep. The next morning, as usual Saturdays’, woke up at 11am and checked for any messages from these guys. I had missed the dinner the previous day, so decided to have lunch at home, while they partied in Tambulam. Devi and Kitta then came to my home and later Gaza joined us. You see, my mom is such a sweetheart who can mingle with anyone and love to make to jokes. As I had expected, it was a wonderful conversation that we truly enjoyed. Now, that all of have crossed 24 the hot topic is about the marriages. My mom in particular, is so much ready to get me into it. Like all other “amchigele bailmanshi” (Konkani women), she is also interested in making the matches. So, there was a gal in our college, who is also a Konkani. The gal’s parents were quite rich and interested about any proposals. I was the first bakra that mom tried to trap (just kidding.. Coz, she know what I want). And that day she pounced on my friends. And the discussion is still going on ;)
After talking, laughing out loud so long we decided to continue the same by watching our good old college day videos. I have uploaded them on Youtube, will publish them on some other post. Well, I won’t say much about those wonderful piece of art :P :P You better watch it yourself. Our first dance, then the mime, the skit, Devi as lecturer, The famous mallo in various forms, slim version of Gaja, some too much stuffs in mad adds and many more… It just brushed off those beautiful memories of our college days. Then we went to Kaup beach (I still don’t understand why people refer kapu as kaup everywhere) The only beach in and around udupi with a light house. For me, this beach is far better than malpe, coz of the views and rocks. It is a nice place to hang out and relax. Kitta and Devi decided to take bath as they didn’t had in the morning: P (just kidding), while I enjoyed the scenes and lonely shores. We left the place at around 8. After reaching Udupi, we went to another small shop which is also one of the pit stops when we meet. It’s a small tea shop where you get omlet and such fast foods. After refilling our tummy, we bid farewell to Devi and I returned home. It was a short and sweet meeting that we thoroughly enjoyed… as always   : ) 


Gvenez said…
Were they "quiet rich" or "quite rich".
If i was rich, i wouldn't be quiet :)
Sunil Padiyar said…
Thanks for pointing that out.. That was a typo.. now corrected :)
Anonymous said…
hmmm... nice
Dude... The Discussion is still on!!! :) Ask Gaza man.. he might be interested now ... or Pavan as well :)

By the way... nice write.. We need to remember the times spent together every now and then!! :)

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