Hang out with pals - Part1

After a long time, I met my close friends last weekend. And, what else could be a better occasion than to have someone's b'day on the same day? Devi - my roommate during college days had completed his silver jubilee on this earth. He looks quiet older than that (just kidding ;) ). But don't go by his looks. In fact, we should never judge a person by his looks. Devi, is like a package of everything. Talk about any sports he is a master. And in academics he holds a gold medal! Good sense of humor, smart and a great batsman (you know what I mean :P ) As always, I remembered that it’s his b'day when Kitta called to check whether I can come for the late night party on Friday. (You can't expect me to remember the b'days of my friends - coz sometimes, I even forget my parents' birthday!)  Anyways, I was quiet bugged with all the work so waiting for something of this sort. I reached manipal at around 7.30. Kitta had many plans one of them is smashing the cake on Devi's face :) . But sadly that didn't happen. I bought the cake, some candles and then joined them at the end point. Ha.. thank god pa1 is still the same, otherwise I would've been the ODD man out! I mean, after we left the college and became the so called professionals, everyone else except me and pavan have gained weight like anything. If you want me to put it on descending order it would be - Devi leading from the front :) Gaja tryinng *not* to snatch his position. :P. Consistent Kitta happy at position 3. Shomith and Nagmam share the next position. Whatever it is we (me & pa1) share the last position :) 
Nothing much at the manipal end point, as we decided to go to some lake which is actually near pa1's house. I and Gaza took the lead on my bike, as we shared some serious talks. Got lost at some point and then thankfully, kitta drove in like someone from F1. We followed him and reached a place which was so dark. At that point I thought, it was not a good idea. We couldn't get near the water as the place was little creepy and no clear path towards the lake. Kitta somehow drove his car towards that place where we were waiting as its headlights would help to see things clearly. We put the cake on the bonnet – lit the candle – and sung b’day song as Devi cut the cake wearing that tiny b’day hat. What I liked about the place was the weather, it was quiet good and nobody was around. Since we had no source of water to clean the mess that we had planned on devi, we didn’t smash the cake instead we applied some cream as to make his face more visible :P. Then came the best part of what I like in *others* b’day. Yes, it’s the bumps. It was not an easy task as we didn’t had any cranes to lift the small elephant sized Devi. Still, we give it a try. Pa1 and Gaza were too lazy to deliver even a shot so me and Kitta did the expected while he was standing J The two shots that  I delivered was quiet good that I think Devi will remember till his next b’day J . Overall, it was some different experience as we never celebrated a b’day that way.
Next, for dinner we planned to go to Dee Tee (old). From that place, we drove around 1.5 km just to find no place even to sneak one step! We went back to the Dee Tee(new) which was actually near to that lake. (Why didn’t we check this one the first instead?) Anyways, we had enough place to sit that was important. It was dark as almost every pub, with smoke, loud music. IPL matches were on two big TV’s. And then, we saw a couple expressing deep public affection in true Hollywood style. Don’t think too much, they were just (!) kissing… (or, were they eating something together!! I don’t know ;) ) Well, it wasn’t something new for Manipal students and so to the people of Manipal. I don’t get to see such things too often as I visit Manipal rarely. The waiter of that table was waiting for them to accept the bill, but the couple might have actually forgotten where they were. Anyways, we settled on a table and started ordering food.


Priti said…
You can't expect me TO REMEMBER the b'days of my friends - coz sometimes, I even forget my parents'!
Priti said…
You dont forget your parents. You forget your parents' bdays.. so type the single quote.
Sunil Padiyar said…
Done... Thanks for pointing it out... :)

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