My New Lappy... Lenovo G550

Wow, wow, wow... Finally, the day I was waiting for, has finally arrived. Guess from where and with what I am writing this post..? My new Lenovo G550 series 2958G8Q laptop... Ah, it’s awesome. You can call it love at first site. About one month ago, when the arrears came (to my account from the company) I had planned, yes this is the time I shall go for a lappy... I sold my 5yrs old (in case of computers, that’s pretty old) desktop. Then, I started searching for a lappy over the net. At first acer looked pretty good. But then something else struck me. One of my colleagues had bought a camera from US. One fine day it went bad and he had to struggle so much to get it repaired. So, first thing first, I looked for better service. And I found Lenovo to suit all my expectations... 

That day, I saw this add on one of the local newspaper. The very fact that one of the model comes with genuine win7 fascinated me. I called the dealer and visited the show room. As all business men he introduced me to different models, their configuration... When it came to win 7 he showed me this one... He said, this is a hot piece in the market which is gaining popularity in the market rapidly... I don’t know how much true he is, but I just loved it... Basically, there were few models that come with win 7, so I had no much choice. That fellow was not accepting cheques or credit card! So I had to go for either DD or hard cash... I decided to go for cash... You see, that was the first time, I carried so much cash that too my own earnings so I was little nervous and many things were going in my mind... Like, 38k should I really need this thing... I mean my two month salary will be gone in seconds, ofcorse I am getting the lappy in return but you know... So, I decided will wait for another week. Finally, I decided to go for it... So, there I am sitting in style infront of this 15’6 HD screen with my hands dancing over such an elegantly designed smooth keyboard...

Talk about the technology, I mean the whole of such bulky boxes of desktop computers have been replaced with such small, compact thing which has much more than what my previous desktop had in it or it offered... no hundreds of those messy wires, taking very little space on my computer table offering me more space to keep other things... Ah... I’m loving it... J
For those who are interested in the config details here it is,

Lenovo G550 modal 2958G8Q

H/W config:  
Intel core 2 Duo 2.20G processor, 3GB DDR3 RAM,320 GB hard disk, DVD RW, Ethernet LAN, Wi-Fi, 5 in 1 card reader slots, BT, WebCam, 3 USB ports, HDMI connector, , the GMA 4500 integrated graphics, 15.6 inch screen display  

Comes with Genuine Win 7 Home premium, McCafe antivirus 3months free subscription, Face verification (for login), one key recovery (which re-installs the OS to its factory setting), 1 year warranty, Office 2007 (trail version, but I got full version)

 Carry case, external mouse, battery cord and that’s it... Wish there were some more offers...
Price: 38750 Rs/-

Hindering factors:
Well, as every product has its good and bad things, though I haven’t explored many, the first thing that I hate is – partition format. It comes with 200+ GB of C drive where your OS is installed, which means, if I have to re-install the whole thing I’ll have a big problem taking a backup. We cannot reduce its size or repartition the OS drive... I guess, this is the same case, if you get a genuine OS with any laptops. 

Comfort factor – Desktop rocks! These small things are too hard to work with for long time, even with an external mouse. Again, this is same with all the lappy...

But anyways, I have paid for it...  So, I am enjoying it J my rating for “value for money” factor would be 4 out of 5 (It may be too early to say this but let me see, If I had to change, will do it)


Wow... Excellent man. congrats... :) :)Looks super cool.. Good investment :)
Joel Kaka said…
Dude.. you could have gone for DELL.. Lenovo ain't that great!..but if you are loving it then no problem :)..


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